How to Detox Your Body with Four Simple Techniques

Detoxing your body is important. It removes all the toxins and pollutants that get into our bodies overtime. Now, many people consider “detox” to be a fad — our bodies do it naturally, so there is no need to undertake expensive and/or dangerous detoxifying techniques.

This is partially true. Yes, our bodies do detox us naturally and no, we do not need to undertake expensive or dangerous techniques.

The human body has various organs that are effectively “body cleansers”. They are the skin, liver, kidneys, and intestines — some other organs may cleanse to some degree, but these are the main “body janitors”.

However, while our body does have a natural cleansing process, we can also help to improve this in various ways. Detoxing is considered controversial, and indeed, many of the techniques that claim to cleanse are simply ways for people to make money.

Nevertheless, we can help our bodies to boost their ability to cleanse themselves. While this isn’t a strict detox in the sense that many people assume it to mean (e.g. total blood cleansing), these techniques do help the body to remove toxins, and they help to boost and support the body’s natural detox processes.

Here are four techniques that can help you to cleanse your body and boost its natural ability to detox:

1. Increase the amount of dietary fibre you eat. Fibre is a natural colon cleanser. There are two types of fibre and they clean in different ways:

a. Non-soluble fibre: this acts like a “sweep”, clearing out the intestines and colon of waste matter. This prevents waste from sitting too long in the digestive tract, where it can give off toxins. Instead, waste moves through at an optimum speed — slow enough to extract nutrients, fast enough to prevent the waste from giving off toxins.

b. Soluble fibre: this draws water into the lower digestive system. This makes it easier to pass waste and helps to ensure that it moves through the system at the right speed.

2. Consider a laxative, such as Mag 07 powder. If you do not eat enough fibre, or you do not drink enough liquid, then this can lead to an accumulation of waste in the lower digestive tract, which as mentioned above, can give off toxins.

To avoid the problems of toxin release that occurs with constipation, consider taking a laxative when you are constipated. You can choose a supplement such as Mag 07 powder, or, you can choose a more natural root, such as prunes.

3. Heal your guts. Modern life is not particularly nice to our guts and we can damage it in different ways. For instance, stress makes us tense our stomachs and then affects its performance. To heal the gut, try a supplement, or eat foods that are rich in glutamine — these are high-protein foods, such as couscous, beans, and meat.

4. Take a probiotic supplement. Probiotics play many roles in the guts, and if we do not have enough of them, we can suffer from problems. Some strains of probiotics help us to manage toxins. For example, some consume sulphur and this prevents it from accumulating in the gut, where it can cause pain.

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