Lactose Intolerance Can Be Managed

If someone is lactose intolerant it means that the body cannot break down the lactose in milk products. If lactase is missing or not present in enough quantities the result could be very uncomfortable for the person involved.

The reason for this is that lactose will ferment in the body resulting in bloating, gas and sometimes diarrhoea.

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products which must not be confused with sucrose, the substance we put in foods and drinks to make them sweeter.

You can just shy away from adding dairy to your diet, but a much easier way to combat the problem is to take Prolactazyme Capsules as a dietary supplement. They can help you digest those lovely cheeses you adore as long as you do not over indulge.

Although Oriental people are the most likely to be lactose intolerant, other groups can also be affected. People who suffer Coeliac Disease and IBS need to be careful ingesting dairy.

In Coeliac disease sufferers the lining of the intestines is damaged and lactase will in all probability not be produced.

If you suffer any of the symptoms mentioned above it is most likely that your body cannot tolerate lactose and you should avoid milk products and also processed foods where lactose products may have been used. Alternatively you can add dietary supplements containing lactase enzymes and the above product is the most effective.

When taken it works for some hours afterwards and it is not habit forming, i.e. the body doesn’t come to rely on it. This particular lactase supplement has been produced from plants, so it is also suitable for vegans.

It is also possible to buy it in liquid form which you can add to milk and thus turning it into a lactose free liquid. It is suitable for babies too, but it is best to ask your doctor’s advice first.

If you are not sure that you are lactose intolerant your doctor can perform a lactose tolerant test which is performed on an outpatient basis.

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