Reclaim Your Bowel Health

If you suffer from IBS you know how horrible it is to feel continually bloated and perhaps suffer from constipation all the time. This condition is very common and symptoms are varied. What they all have in common is that they cause the bowel to malfunction so that it is always uncomfortable to live with.

The answer may be that a simple probiotic supplement such as Bio Kult can help enormously to relieve the symptoms so that you can live a normal life.

This is a problem that does not cause serious complications, but it can also not be cured. This is the reason that treatment is important which can totally transform your life.

If you are one of the unfortunate sufferers, you can, if you are constipated, adopt a diet high in fibre. Many sufferers find relief if they cut out dairy and wheat products. You can find fibre in many other foods such as leafy vegetables.

Probiotics are live cultures which can beneficially tackle any anomaly in the bowel region. These organisms aid the good bacteria by supplying them with oxygen which is needed to counteract the upset that bad bacteria cause when there is not enough oxygen to go round.

It is not only beneficial to IBS sufferers but also helps in Candida outbreaks. Combatting the latter with probiotics prevents this yeast overgrowth turning into the filamentous fungus form which is very invasive.

The above mentioned product prevents the yeast fungus from finding additional sites in the gut to grow. It will also lower the intestinal PH levels so that the fungus cannot thrive. It contains 7 strains of probiotics and its formula also contains grapefruit and garlic seed extracts.

Apart from affecting the mouth and throat, Candida can turn into candidiasis which causes food intolerance, brain fog and lethargy. The condition affects both men and women.

If this particular product does not suit you personally, there are other similar dietary supplements which may help you better.

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