What Symptoms Do You Have When Your Colon Isn’t Working Properly?

Are you wondering if your colon is working correctly? Our modern diets and lack of exercise can cause the colon to become sluggish, and to stop performing to its optimum capacity. It’s important that you recognise if this is happening to you. This is because, in most cases, it’s relatively easy to deal with, and simply means that you need to clean your colon; in more severe cases, you might need to seek medical advice. However, you need to know what the symptoms are before you can do this, and we’re going to teach you this below.

Symptoms of Colon Dysfunction
You can assess several different ways whether or not your colon is working properly. the more of the following that you can tick off, the more likely you are to have some sort of colon dysfunction, even if that’s just caused by a poor diet.

1. Straining when you go to the toilet
If you have to strain every time you make a bowel movement, then it could be because your colon has slowed down. If you’re eating sufficient amounts of fibre and are otherwise mostly healthy in your diet, you should be passing smooth, solid, and easy to pass stools.

2. If you often suffer from constipation
Constipation and straining often go hand in hand, but that isn’t always the case. If you frequently get bunged up, then there are two things to consider first, before assuming that there is something wrong with your colon.

First, make sure that you aren’t taking any supplements that cause constipation. Such supplements may be things like anti-histamines, or codeine. Other supplements, such as Colosan, should actually help with constipation, so don’t rule them out. You just need to understand which supplements will and which won’t affect you. Second, make sure that you are eating a healthy diet as indicated in point 1 above.

3. If you regularly suffer from gas and bloating
If you regularly experience this sometimes-embarrassing phenomenon, then it could well be due to a dysfunction of the colon. It isn’t always caused by the colon though. Sometimes, it could be due to a lack of probiotics, or because you’re eating the wrong foods. However, if it commonly occurs with the other symptoms listed here, then it’s indicative of a colon issue.

4. If you regularly suffer from candida infections
Candida is the fungus that is responsible for causing thrush. It’s well known now that colon problems can damage levels of friendly bacteria in the gut, and this means that the candida fungus can get out of hand. Ordinarily, the friendly bacteria will fight it off, but if you’ve lost some of these bacteria, it won’t be able to play its role properly.

5. If you are tired all the time
This can be a sign of colon dysfunction caused by the lack of absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This would especially be the case if you can see bits of food in your stools.

If you think that you may be suffering from colon dysfunction, then please visit your doctors. In the meantime, you could try to use a supplement, such as Colosan, to see if that helps.

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