Jewellery Checklist To Ensure Your Collection Is Complete

Women’s shopping is never complete. Okay, the statement is not so true. There was a time, may be half a decade back when every woman wanted everything- simply everything. The collection was never complete, and the shopping never ended. Today’s women are more mature and sensible when it comes to shopping. After all, how much space are you left with for storage after accumulating everything you could come across at the malls, retail stores, local markets and cheap souks abroad! When it comes to a mature shopper, they want to ensure they have just everything they need, but nothing is missing, of course. That’s why this checklist is a must-read to ensure your jewellery collection is complete and you no more need to even window shop for artificial fashion jewellery.


Starting from the very top- your forehead. A maang-tikka is a must to add a complete Indian look to your attire. There are various styles available and you can have one that suits your face cut the most. You can buy one in a small pendant style or an over-sized one; jhoomar or passa that is worn on a side, or a maatha-patti. Maathi patti can be one-tier or multi-tier depending on the size of your forehead. Most of the times, one maang tikka is sufficient for your collection, unless you are a social butterfly and have Indian parties to attend every weekend.

Nose pin

Whether or not your nose is pierced, you must have a couple of nose pins, rings or some ornament for your nose for that special day. You can buy a simple stud, a wide nose ring, large studded hoop, baali, u-bent nose ring or a beaded bali. Keep only the ones that suit your face cut. Unnecessary collection will stay there for years until you make up your mind to trash them.


The most widely worn ornament- earrings has no dearth in styles, types and shapes. From danglers, hoops, chandeliers, studs, to cluster and teardrop. Have a rich collection of different styles to suit different occasions. You can buy black metal earrings online in India if you don’t have them yet.


Another most loved and adorned jewellery item, necklaces are never enough in a woman’s collection. Get necklaces in kundan, meenakari, polki, jadau, lac, diamond, pachchikam, and you may call your collection complete. You can look for artificial fashion jewellery online.

Bangles and finger rings

Get gold imitation bangles, diamond look bangles in metal, glass and coloured metal bangles, lac bangles straight from Rajasthan, and a couple of pairs of karas and bracelets. For your fingers, get a cocktail ring, a sleek gold look ring and an antique ring to complete your collection. Also add a few black metal rings if you wear western dresses.