Affidavit and power of attorney, made simple

The power of attorney can be given to any person, whom you want to act on your behalf in your absence. You authorize him to take decisions or carry out business on your behalf. While you are away on a vacation, you can grant the power of attorney to someone you trust, so that he can keep your business running smoothly.

Power of Attorney

If you give any person the power of attorney, then that person can act on your behalf and can enter into agreements in the manner you permit him to do so. That person is called the agent or attorney. Now when that person i.e., your agent acts on your behalf, then he has to prove to others that you have given him the authority to act on your behalf. This can be proved by using an affidavit.

If you give any financial power of attorney to your agent, it means that he can handle your business affairs while you are away on vacation. Your agent gets the authority to pay your bills, conduct business and interact with other business organizations on your behalf. Simply put, you authorize or allow your agent to take care of your business affairs.


A sworn statement made by a person is known as an affidavit. While doing so, the person swears under an oath or a pledge that the statement is true. Thus making an affidavit means that you swear under a pledge that your statement is true to the best of your knowledge. It is similar to making a statement in court under the sworn testimony.

Now if you make a false statement in your affidavit, while being well aware of the fact that your statement is false, then it is a crime. Such a type of crime is also known as perjury. If you commit the crime of perjury, you can be punished by the state with fines and incarceration.

Power of attorney Affidavit

A power of attorney allows your agent to act on your behalf with another party. Now that party might ask the agent to prove that you have given him the authority. This can be done by showing an affidavit made by your agent where he states that he is your agent and that you have given him the power of attorney. The affidavit can be accompanied by a copy of the power of attorney granted by you.

Essential elements to include in the affidavit of power of attorney:

· Name of the person who is granting the power of attorney

· Name of the person who will be the agent

· Reference number of the power of attorney

· Details of the power of attorney

· Validity of the power of attorney

· Date when the power of attorney was signed

· Signature of the notary public officer who was present at the time of signing the affidavit

Thus an affidavit will help your agent to keep your business running smoothly.

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