Name: Terry YE (AKA. Terryaki-X
Birth: Dec 13th 1989
Sex: Male
occupation: Walking noise machine of Disanxian ( Hardcore/Crust Punk based in Shenzhen, China)
The first hardcore record ever bought / heard: It’s funny to recall that the first hardcore record I ever bought(yea.. randomly) was

A Japanese hardcore punk , metal ( so called NWOJHM) and Psychobilly split worked out by Panorama Afro / Pulling Teeth ,

it was in my middle school age. At that time there was even not much information about hardcore music in China, youngsters got to go to the “Cut-out” CD market to catch up with the latest incoming cargoes of CD hawkers to picking favorite ones from shitloads of inventories. You don’t what is “Cut-out”(打口) tape/CD?

Of course, it is a unique and critical phenomenon in China’s musical development, even though the tapes or CDs were authentic but not authorized in legal dimensions.

Like many Chinese teenagers at that age, I then started to explore this kind of music with endeavors from both internet and go to the market twice a week physically.

Around 2005 there were a few hardcore punk blogs started pop up in Chinese forums, e.g King Ly Chee’s Star from Scratch ( 由零開始.)and C.U.A(China United Action中國硬核聯陣). They had opened a door of hardcore world to me, a late comer who was obsessed by Bad Brains since then. I have to say Bad Brains’ self-titled album had a big impact on me and that was first hardcore record I saved my pocket money to buy Haha. This kind of fast and highly energetic hardcore punk legends lead me to many other subgenres of hardcore, I’ve learnt much from their DIY lifestyle and uncompromising mindsets

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