The First Crash Episode #12

Name: Barry Stepe

Birth: Mid 60s Sex: Male

Occupation: Guitarist for Negative Element (early 80s),

Caustic Defiance (early 80s),

Naked Hippy (late 80s),

Damage Report (early 2000) and many, many others I am too ashamed to claim.

First Hardcore Record: My first record I bought was the first Velvet Underground album. I got into the punk scene in the late 70s and bought every Punk Rock record I could find — The Saints, Pistols, Damned, Clash, X Ray Spex, etc. at Wax Trax records in Chicago. I think the first hardcore record I bought was DKs “Fresh Fruit” and then the Germs “GI,” Black Flag “Jealous Again, etc.”

I loved the raw energy, sloppy guitars and fast pace. Mostly HC Punk from California. Then I picked up the “Flex Your Head” Comp and totally got into the D.C. Hardcore Punk Scene. From there, I bought anything I could get my hands on, including Hardcore Punk music from all the different scenes in the United States (like Boston) and from around the world. Some of my favorite Hardcore music came out of Finland, with bands like Lama and Kohu 63. I traded music (mostly cassettes) and fanzines with punk pals from all over the world during the mid 80s. I think the first HC show I ever saw was the DKs in Chicago at Club C.O.D. I started playing in Negative Element in 1980, and soon we were opening for bands like the DKs, JFA and Minor Threat as well as playing shows with local Chicago bands like Articles of Faith, Rights of the Accused, Anti-Bodies, End Result and many others in the early 80s. I got to see most of the legendary Hardcore/Punk bands in the early 80s like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Necros, Flipper, Husker Du, Misfits (with Glenn Danzig), D.O.A., and Minor Threat. Those shows were some of the best times of my life and I’ll never forget them.