“the Words.”

there is a heat, in words…

a combination when they convalesce!

the sulfer-smell, when the world burst into being?

that spark that becomes all, once seen

all that is now; all that begins-exists-and-ends

those words; gifting love to all things!

muted with this and that-their use is like live-action lovemaking

each penstroke, a caress against existence’s curves

many names; any name — bore from the love come of words

a love that is fleeting or for all-time,

a love that can make form or take form; a love that becomes as it binds

‘call it Gaia; call it earth or planet X,’ as it was a word that bore them — names past and foretold

your words, my words…like loose clothing or coats,

both to define yet make indistinguishable, as you like!

those words, THE Words

as they end, life can begin


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