Why adding more police, jails, prisons won’t solve the crime problem — Mr. Trump

Adding more #police, jails, prisons only compounds the problem Trump

by thefirstsource

Mr Trump is a smart man, to build such an empire and be extremely successful, but we don’t understand why he thinks adding more police will solve the crime problem.

The problem exists in United States of America a place that should be the safest country in the whole world.

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Terrina @TerrinaMajnoona
Violent crime rate vs. Incarceration rate
 United States, of course
9:04 PM — 29 Aug 2016

When you compare murder rates other countries like Africa, Honduras, Venezuela all rank among the USA.

Southern Boy @Jimmyan99411196
If Hillary were To Win, The Crime Rate is Gonna Go Up in The United States and In Washington D C !
4:37 AM — 24 Aug 2016

In #Europe the ratio of police to population is extremely &dramatically lower. In Europe the crime is extremely dramatically lower.

World map of Crime Index for 2016 Mid Year


Which brings us to a question, why ?

Could it be that the citizens of those countries with less crime and
 other countries in the world are more responsible, law abiding?

Look at France, Austria and Germany or the countries with low crime rates, and the ratio of police to population is about 70% less police patrol and on duty.

Police departments serving cities with more than 50,000 residents employed an average of 39 officers per 10,000 residents in the United States. Also in the United States the number of police on patrol is about 80% higher than those of lower crime rates.

Policed America the Obama agenda.

The government of the United States is operated on a very lucrative and profitable judicial system. Policing America has been one of Obama’s top priorities along with militarizing them.

The judicial system and government is a business. It runs as a business and even privatizes much of it.

No matter how you look at it, from a director of a prison or jail, an empty cell / bed is lost money, to a parole or probation officer, to a judge, or a police commissioner all is money lost. All the people who work in this industry are fully aware of this, and so are those who are fed up with it, and left this industry.

This is how it works, usually the call comes from the top. The prison officials from the top up, get a status report, like a business gets. It includes the number of in-takes (prisoners being transferred or coming in new), the number of out-takes (those leaving on parole, release or transfers) and those empty cells/beds remaining. Take for example this scenario: The prison today has a total capacity of 5,000. In-takes are 200, out-takes are 220, total empty beds are 50. This shuffling around is a daily business strategy. Many people are not aware that for each transfer from prison to another prison, or one side of the same prison to the other side, or transfers from jails, or transfers of releases all get federal funding per each transfer. Depending on the state the transfer funding is from $100 — $10,000 per inmate. This is big business for them to shuffle the inmates around. Then comes the empty beds, will they fill them tomorrow from other prisons? Yes some will transfer, but not so much transition so fast, to keep the prisons calmer. So the prison officials call the jails and tell them they can send so many to their processing prisons. If the jails are empty they notify the sheriff, police administrators and the probation and parole to violate people, some of those people are doing fine, but they can be violated for any minimalist reason.

The business of the Police municipalities

Police municipalities are big business flat out. You may notice your deteriorating city. Low unemployment,, places going out of business, people struggling to survive. In the middle of all this you see your tax dollars and funded by the Obama administration, new municipalities being built usually about 80% larger than the old one they are making into a new jail.

Here is the reason why. For ever ticket that is written, money comes in. See for yourself, go visit traffic court and stop by the clerks office at the end of the month. You may notice several tables depending on the size of your municipality it could be 10–40 tables full with ticket stacks that are 4 feet high. That is not their yearly audit, this is their monthly profit tables. The money is on the tables, they say. Whether the person is found innocent or guilty each ticket still holds a court fine and clerk fee, which can be from $25-$100 or more. So for a larger suburb municipality, population of 250K, they may have 25,000 tickets. If they make on average $50 per ticket just for those two fees, they made 1.25 Million dollars. Those who were found guilty of course have much higher fees, and so you see how they stay in business and how the jails get filled.

Petty Crime Laws

This is were it gets really interesting. Petty crime laws in the United States are about 80% higher than other countries. Many of the petty crimes, you may think are petty, involve more than just fines, but jail time.

Compared to European countries who are leading the way, and which many of our laws are formed by have less petty laws. Let’s look at a few.

Drinking in public: Europe legal, USA illegal.

Sleeping drunk in the car: Europe legal, USA illegal.

Sleeping drunk in public: Europe some legal, USA illegal

Urinate outdoors: Europe legal, USA illegal

Buy sex on the street: Europe mostly legal, USA illegal

Be naked almost anywhere: Europe legal, USA illegal

Is the United States incarcerating to many people?

So we find just these six laws, and the incarceration rates in Europe are dramatically lower than the USA.

There is much less violent crime in Europe compared to the United States

What are some other differences of European countries? Maybe these contribute to the crime and the policed America

Better Sex Education Programs, Healthier Sexual Attitudes

Anti-GMO Movement Much More Widespread

Saner Approaches to Abortion

More Vacation Time

Healthier Lifestyles

Universal Healthcare

Greater Life Expectancy

Mass Transit Systems

Europeans More Likely to Speak Foreign Languages

Europeans don’t have as many illegal immigrants

In the United States in contrast here are some facts

People are media driven into fears about safety

Children are over protected by parents, instead of letting the learn on their own

People are afraid of doing something wrong, and getting in trouble

Education suffers compared to other triving countries

Governments don’t repair transit systems, but let them go to waste

Large corporations control many of the policies and decisions of government making

Police won’t allow peaceful demonstrations, and military police incite violence

Mr Trump is looking at some of these problems

The presidential candidate has talked about fixing many of these problems. This should be a solution to some of the crime and violence.

When you have more relaxed people who have jobs, vacation time, less illegal people, less people out of work, better education, better transit systems all these things play into less crime.

Therefore we believe that increasing the police force, jails and institutions will not solve the underlying problem, unless you want to build a fence around every major city.

Other problems

People don’t report crimes like they do in other countries. They are more lax, and think it is none of their business.

Police are too lax regarding gangs and crime neighborhoods. Instead of declaring marshal law and shutting down crime neighborhoods, weeding out the bad and keeping the good, they would rather ticket people for petty crimes.

Municipalities don’t help the neighborhoods. Instead of trying to help rebuild and clean up the neighborhoods, they would rather make money and ticket people for walking the wrong way down the street, or traffic cam abuse.

People that have been in jail or prison, have a harder time finding a job. This must chance. Government must help businesses that hire these people. Society must accept the responsible ones back and not judge them. People who have been in jail or prison must change their mentality that jail is easy, because no one in life will give them a chance.

So what is the United States to do Mr. Trump?

Well we are sure you know more about renovation and rebuilding and creating new structures and jobs than most any politician does.

A decade of crime cannot be solved by adding more police, or jails, or prisons. This is a band-aide mentality. This is like saying, I have a building that is falling down, let’s add some more security to make sure people are not entering the areas that are unsafe, and those that do we will arrest them for trespass..

It is also like saying, we are going to patch the outside but not the inner workings of the building.

You know what will happen Mr. Trump? Your building will still collapse because you decided to not fix the internal problem.

Ever have a small water leak? You patch it with some duct tape, and leave it alone. Weeks later it is getting worse, do you add some more duck tape. Next morning you notice a lot of water on the floor, and what you don’t notice is the damage to the boards underneath. Instead of repairing it , but calling a plumber, you created more problems and more cost.

Mr. Trump if you will do what you promise, this would be a start to a better America.

The next step is renovating and rebuilding. This cannot be done over night, but people are looking for a leader to follow. A leader who will coach American back to a healthy society.

That’s the kind of leader America needs, one that can not just change the immigration by building a wall, but making your plan to make change.

So please don’t add more police to add more to the problem.

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Originally published at the First Source News Media.