Being comfortable will kill you

Comfort is a slow silent killer.
It creeps up on you when you least expect it so slowly that you don’t even realize it’s there.
It teases and distracts you one bit at a time and before long it’s got you completely hypnotized.
It can hold you in its grasp for years before you even realize it’s got you.
It’s the slow rising in water temperature that boils you before you even realize.

Don’t let comfort get hold of you, learn to lean into discomfort. It feels tough at first but start off small.

Go talk to that person you’ve been afraid to talk to.
Say good morning to the stranger you walk past on the way to work.
Go faster than you think you can handle on the treadmill.
You’ll never try anything new and progress unless you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because everything was uncomfortable at first.
Your first day of school, your first day at work, your first day at the gym.
Notice it’s always the first time that’s uncomfortable. Once your past that, it just gets easier.
So, that just leaves one question. What are you going to do today for the first time?