The 3 main challenges

by Chris Fitz

There are three main challenges all humans face, and it is very common, even though it doesn’t feel common.The three challenges are:

  1. Life
  2. Death
  3. Love

We all want to create NEW or be in touch with the NEW, life. We also all want to avoid the END of something good and in general the END of just something, death. Lastly, we all seek ENJOYMENT from things, whether it’s hearing some one that resonates and connects with us or simple having a memorable satisfying moment, we strive toward those moments.

So, what does any of this mean? why should any of these things matter to YOU? You, the other person in the room, and I all will experience some life, some death and some love, the most practical thing to do is not get distracted by DEATH, and realize it paves the way for the new, LIFE, and the very act of life means, with effort, you can have LOVE from that new life.

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