What is bias?

By Chris Fitz

There’s a part of pop science that says people are ‘left’ and ‘right’ brained people. Logical or emotional people. For the majority over time, if you measured how you approached things, you were either one or the other type most of the time.

We have emotions and are attracted to people with certain emotions (Mysterious, exciting, passionate, caring, daring, etc)

We also have a need to find out facts, and use them for a certain reason/support.

Bias, is something everyone has and it’s something that is particularly hard to ignore when ego steps in to verify it. (When was the last time you went to an online store, reviewed something you liked, saw how high the price was, thought not to purchase because the price, saw 1/20 bad reviews and said, “Yeah it's not worth it.”)

How much information is enough before you decide to make a decision?

Bias, has momentum from your previous experiences. In any situation that you have to decide, you have 2 parts of your mind that processes it.

1, a part where you tell yourself a past experience before you make a decision [Most people don't want to believe they do this, but it's true. I haven’t been immune to this]

2, a part where you are completely open minded and see things with fresh, curious eyes, and able to absorb a situation from every angle [logical, emotional, short-term, long-term, cons, pros, etc]

These 2 parts of your head are in everyone, and just like a circuit, one can only work one at a time. Balance is key. Understand to process things in both parts of your head before deciding to move forward or not with new opportunities because your past experience might be helpful in some situations, but be careful exactly what you tell yourself. And, Having a brand new, opened and curious mind excels you as well.

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