You can’t force change

By Chris Fitz

Back in the day most writers used inkwells and feather tipped pens to do the writing they wanted. They chose inkwells because that’s what was available.

Later, there was ball point pens. An amazing new advancement in speed, realiability and consistentcy. Most writers still chose to use their inkwells.

It wasn’t until months later writers decided to give the ball point pen a shot.

Making lasting change on culture and the way people do things don’t happen unless people are ready for change.

Guy Kawasaki said in a talk he presented once, ‘As a salesman, you go after agnostic people and believers in order to convert them to your ‘religion’. You can’t convert atheists because it’s too hard and they will always resist you. It’s not worth the time and energy.”

Those atheists do possibly convert, but not because, you a stranger convince them. They do so only because a friend they trust, with their best interest at heart decides to share something they can benefit from.

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