Hacking together amp & non amp visits in google sheets

Being a first mover sucks — but anger drives action! (its true)

Except of the awesome ability to create visits, AMP really sucks from a reporting standpoint. Why? According to google you should use a different property to track AMP! The downside? You need to merge your amp and general analytics visits somehow.

Doing it the easy way

Your pages will look probably like this:




so how do you merge those pages?

  • downloading visit data from both properties
  • search and replace /amp/ with /
  • copy both tables together
  • adding a pivot table

Takes me 5 min every freakin week.

But im lazy .. so lets save this 5 minutes each week!

Automating reporting with google data studio

Google data studio really sounds awesome and is so easy to use… you can even create calculated / custom dimensions. YEAH!


clean_landingpage as custom dimension

We are replacing the /amp/ part of the page with / — so we propably could join both tables on the same landingpage. The problem?

oh no!🤔

Automating reporting with google sheets

so now it is the workaround of the workaround but finally we will find a solution. I promise!

At first we need to connect both analytics propertys with google sheets. The team of seerinteractive has created a great guide on it. So im skipping this part.

You need to create two reports — one for your amp property one for the general one — should look like this:

both reports capture the same kind of data

After running both reports you get two tables within you google sheet. I created a additional sheet to “cut” the /amp/ part from the amp report.

`=SUBSTITUTE(‘LP MAG AMP’!A16,”/amp/”,”/”) `

Now its time to join both tables into one — i found this guide really helpful

`=ARRAYFORMULA({cut!A1:B1000;’LP MAG classic’!A16:B1016})`

He is basically adding the data of the second sheet at the bottom of the first sheet. Now i have one chart with all the landingpage sessions within one table. Now its time for…

Best friends! Googles Guide here

Thats it! you can now always refresh your report and or change segments / change timeframes whatever you want.