Why “excellence” should not describe your marketing

Information overload, too many nebulous services and tools. Finding the right Partner for generating buzz online is harder than ever.

I was researching the right tool to monetize social media reach. I had a look at some agency services pages. I stumpled upon certain marketing content. What strucked me?

buzzwords! Buzzwords even more BUZZWORDS! That made me…

Via giphy: http://giphy.com/gifs/are-you-serious-insane-Ni4cpi0uUkd6U

What makes me tick is not only the vast amount of buzzword-bingo. It is this “overpromise — underdeliver” attitude…

We deliver XYZ excellence…

Guys.. come on… You cant offer “excellence” — what does this even mean? Excellence?

“ The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.”

Without knowing my problem. Without even thinking of my problem. You offer outstanding quality of services or products?


Excellence is not something you can offer. Excellence is something you get closer to, everytime you tinker and try to improve.

To gain those you have to put in the work. You have to go those agonizing paths, you have to start, restart and start all over again. Find small hints of increasing value, invest in personal development.

Solving problems of the same kind over and over again. Build your creative muscles and shape your problem solving skills.

Please avoid shortcuts & stop searching for “ultimate lists” or best practices.

The path too mastery does not contain shortcuts. They wont bring you excellence, but mediocrity.

And most importantly — never stop learning!

We give you insights …

We make data actionable — we help you create Insights out of raw data

Pluggin in my sources and getting actionable insights?

Insights — (the ability to have) a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of acomplicated problem or situation

Let´s be clear — generating insights as easy as squeezing lemons? Impossible. One of the biggest challenges of todays marketing is the ability to cope with a vast amount of data.

It´s getting easier to collect data, we know ways to store data, we know how to extract them.. but making those numbers meaningful? There is the problem.

Is it just me? Or does the “martech” landscape looks like “the milliondollarhomepage” ? So hard to keep up!

“Martech Landscape” via http://martechconf.com/san-francisco/

Wouldnt it be funny if i end now? Throwing data + information at you without giving you a reasoning? Without offering a way out of the vicious circle?

Sure it would, but that would make me as bad as those im fingerpointing at.

So here is the proof. A Forrester Research says that 29% of companys are “good at” connecting data and analytics. Less than a third.

But most of them are using those tools?! Sure! 73% say, that they want to get more “data driven”.

via giphy http://gph.is/1FxRomY

As i mentioned above mastery does not come easy. This digital world makes it easy to become mediocre. Reading a handful listicles or following random so called “thought leaders”.

Is being mediocre what you want? Do you?

You have to start somewhere. You have to start something. You have to invest time.

You have to try, fail, repeat.

Stop hoping for tools that solve your problems. Try new things. Move. Stop hiding behind ultimate lists. Start your journey.

So will I. How? Dont know yet — follow me on my journey!