Grace, teach us what we lack.

I break my bread like they broke His body,
my hands complacent of the sacrifice that took place.
My lips are tainted with the blood of the innocent.
Not even Neptune’s great oceans could wash away
the disdain that has dammed my soul to the depths of Hades.
Father, part the sea that separates me from Your glory.

Unworthy, I stand,
a prisoner to my darkest desires.
The world conspired to sever our ties.
It sent its vultures to consume my flesh
and its serpents to corrupt my thoughts.
I am no longer a reflection of anything You are.

God, erase the man that I have become.
My beating heart has turned to stone.
Carve it in Your image once again.
This mind of mine is a hollow vessel,
incomplete and void of purpose,
So anoint me with a burning passion
to ignite the eyes of the lost with Your effervescent light.

If the dead could speak for themselves,
We would be drowning in their esoteric whispers
of longing and regret.
No longer will I take advantage of Your grace.
Father, clothe me in Your righteousness
in exchange for my brokenness, 
for it is all I have left to give.
But I will remain steadfast in Your spirit.

God, I commit.
Come hell or high water,
I will carry your cross until my bones break.