Dark Days Challenge Begins November 27th!

Last Winter I indulged in comfort food and long sessions on the couch watching reality tv. When Spring rolled around and it was time to get ready for summertime vacations, I found my indulgences hanging around right there on my hips! Sound familiar?

This year, I’m vowing to do things differently and develop healthy habits through the dark days of Winter, through the marathon holiday parties and through those sleepy couch potato days.

I decided to come up with a 30-day challenge to create healthy habits by adding herbs and leafy greens every day for 30 days. I also thought it would be fun to do with other people. And so, the Dark Days Challenge was born. You can find out more and sign up here.

In the coming days before the challenge starts, I will be creating, cooking and photographing recipes for our challenge. I will create a shopping list for you and include tips for cooking and using herbs and leafy greens you may not be using.

You’ll get these recipes and shopping lists in a weekly email starting November 27th (also known as Black Friday). Recipes will be easy and include smoothies, infused water, cocktails, entrees, side dishes, desserts and more.

I’ll also add you to a private Facebook group where you can stay accountable, be encouraging, talk about the recipes, etc.

Here’s to staying healthy through the dark days of Winter!

xo, the flirty herb

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