Flutterwave Renews PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification

Nov 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Today, we’re excited to announce a recent milestone that ensures we continue to provide our customers with secure and trusted payment solutions. On the 23rd of October, 2017, our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance certification was renewed.

We received our first certification in 2016 and are pleased to receive a successful renewal. In the past year, we have worked hard to ensure that we adhered to the PCI DSS global standards of data protection and security. We are committed to maintaining these standards so the businesses and enterprises who use our solutions continue to process secure card transactions.

The PCI DSS Level 1 certification is awarded to organizations who process over six million credit or debit card transactions on a yearly basis. In order for us to provide solutions to merchants who want to process card payments, we know how important it is to adhere to the PCI DSS global security standards.

As a PCI DSS certified company, we want to assure our merchants and partners that their transactions and card data are stored on our secure platform. In addition, our servers are compliant to the recommended safety standards which eliminates and reduces the risk of our customers data being attacked or compromised.

This PCIDSS Level 1 renewal affirms the company’s dedication to offering secure smart card processing solutions in line with international standards. The Level 1 re-certification also covers our card issuing processing , card acquiring processing and alternative channels card processing.

We were successfully audited by Digital Jewels, an accredited assessment body authorized by the PCI Security Standards Council. The council is an open global forum, launched in 2006, and is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards.

Flutterwave strives to come up with and apply innovative electronic payment solutions while maintaining high level operational standards. Our certification renewal is a testament to our strict adherence to international security standards and it has also helped us upgrade our offices in Lagos, Nigeria and San Francisco into a full-fledged processing center and payments hub. We are now able to better handle the traffic and growth of electronic payments in both regions.

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