Payments is People, and People matter.

In December, we went off to a location for a few days to plan for the new year. One of the things we agreed to do was to provide exceptional service to our clients, and in situations where we weren’t able to, we would ensure we recovered our service exceptionally well.

Today, the opportunity to practice what we learnt presented itself in the shape of a client who was very upset at the service they had received from us. The client had asked us a series of technical questions on Twitter and as our process demands, we had promised to add him to a slack channel. We did not. They went ahead to complete their integration but they were still having issues on their app fetching their merchant name. They sent emails and when we didn’t respond, they went to twitter rightfully upset.

We reached out to them, got a clear understanding of what the issue was, apologised for the service they had gotten and and proceeded to fix the lapses on the spot. We solved the issues, and with card and a box of cupcakes in hand, we went to the client’s office to deliver a personal apology. They were not only surprised but very impressed.

The situation today exposed the blind spots in the customer experience around our process of issue resolution. That said, we also realised how to recover gracefully.

We quickly identified that it’s not only important for us to solve the client’s issues immediately, we have to go above and beyond to ensure the client is not merely placated but delighted at the end of our interaction. And on an internal level, we need to ensure there’s a process in place to deal with issues like this.

To recap, here’s how we have learnt to recover gracefully when you drop the ball on a client’s complaint

  1. Take ownership
  2. Identify what the issue is
  3. Fix them immediately
  4. Touch base to apologise and turn their frown upside down (Cupcakes are a fail safe choice)
  5. Optimise your process

In fixing our internal issues, we have a team ( that are solely dedicated to ensuring we deliver the best service to our clients. Together, we will ensure that issues like this do not happen again and if they do, we’ll be prepared to rectify them gracefully.

Dammy & Sharon.

Dammy is a PM at Flutterwave and Sharon heads our Customer Success team