Mean Data Generator

There were few Humanities projects in my institute bachelors which required survey. I usually hated filling such surveys and assumed that everyone filling such surveys just filled the metrics randomly to complete them.

Such long questions!

We generally needed 50–100 sample size for our project and we usually had the rough idea about what the answers will be.

So why not generate the data whose mean is the exact answer expected! 😉

On opening the website, you get 2 options — for Names and Data

You can get upto 300 unique Indian names on clicking Random Names Generator button.

Follow the instructions below for Data Generator. Click on the below data button.

Click on get Data to get the 100 entries randomly jumbled with exact probability in csv format.

Generate the entries of the form column by columns.

Just use this generator to create the data and show it in google sheets. Why to request anyone when you are a computer scientist. xD

Motivation: Repeated messages of fellow juniors and batchmates for google forms course projects. Help yourself now!

Disclaimer: Only for educational purposes.

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