Run your business like the head of a middle class family.

“Run your business like the head of a middle class family — which is the wife (in all classes).

Tight budget (plan, target, result oriented spends). Optimum utilization of ration available (inventory and resources). Quick but clever thinking. Sacrifices. The wallet without the cards dictates the lifestyle (simple office). Does not entertain guests by ordering butter chicken from Moti Mahal (bleed to attract). But cooks some awesome dal makhani, prepares boondi raita and makes sure everyone has enjoyed gajar ka halwa (customer service/experience).”

This was a discussion I had with my grandfather a decade and a half ago. Then the word startup was not there in our vocabulary. He shared this thought as he built a business with the five annas post partition and ran it like his child. And he wanted me to learn before I ventured on my own.

While we are building Singh Styled his words keep repeating. Many of our decisions have been traditional when it comes to customer acquisition, spends and customer experience. Rather than bleeding to acquire thousand customers, we care about the few hundreds we have. The result — Singh Styled has doubled its average ticket size.

There are days when I miss him. There are days I wish he was around, to mentor me, ask me questions and correct me on my actions.

I hope he is smiling up there, telling my grandmom “look! He is gone on me and not on you😂”.

Singh Styled is for him.

P.S: Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. I mentally stopped attending school at the age of 8.