But Seriously, How Do I Online Date?

How the hell do you all do it?

Here’s a hypothetical situation sitting around with a friend and discussing online dating:

Me: Online dating is exhausting.

Girl Friend: You have no idea.

Me: Yeah, you’re probably right…

After that…

Me: I get no matches. Maybe two or three a week.

Girl Friend: It doesn’t matter how many matches you get if most of them suck. You want good matches.

Me: Yeah, I can see how that sounds like good advice. But if you only get a few matches, chances of anything happening are significantly smaller.

Girl Friend: Maybe your pictures are bad.

Girl Friend: (looks at profile): I really like this.

(Me assuming I’m just ugly AF.)

Me: And if I do get matches, I don’t know what the hell to say. I know, I know, make a reference to a picture or something in their profile. Make it funny if you can. Don’t take it too seriously.

Me: But either A.) I just feel so fake and I lose the ability to do so or B.) It’s so damn exhausting to try and always create the greatest message ever and never get responses.

So, generally curious.

What works for you all? How do you approach online dating? What messages do you send/respond to?

How do I succeed when I’m generally not that attractive?

What successes have you experienced in the past?

What advice do you have for me?

Updates | Day 4/179

-Short(ish) term goals: Put away laundry. Respond to messages sitting in inbox.

Shoutouts/Inspirations: Messages sitting in inbox.

-Closing whimsy: This went on for another few hundred words about loneliness, but I deleted it. Maybe another day. In the meantime I’m going to obsess over my Tinder profile and why it is the worst thing humanity has ever produced. (My profile, not the app.)((Well, maybe that, too.))