Enjoy Life : Crypto and Fiat in One Wallet

What does Enjoy Life mean?
We‘ll provide you with a little review and likewise provide you with a small amount of knowledge that hopefully could be useful, and may also become a consideration in choosing or observe the newest projects, here we‘ll introduce enjoy life, coming from the meaning of comfort living here implies that are meant to supply benefits on business development or business upon the financial arrangements are great, along with modern methods could be developed sooner or later along with the future, enjoy life been established in 2014, they‘ve goals where the aim usually is to display the different functions from the crypto wallet, payment system, do buy and sell transactions, using the presence from the market, and likewise provides program development for any better development program.

professional team enjoy life and started working together in 2014 beneath the brands enjoy life to make multicurrency financial platform, which consists of 5 main elements :

  • Multicurrency wallet
  • The payment system
  • The trading platform
  • Market
  • Discount program

The aim of the project is that the creation of the universal payment ecosystem that has the capacity to unite the actual economic sector and the planet of kriptocurrency to Exchange, calculation and interaction. 
Achieving goals is performed using the help from the offer is advantageous to the client as discounts from business partners, using an simple to use application to supply payment “in one click”, in addition to a quantity of related services.

Features Enjoy Life

To Business Associates :
Only with account activation fee $14. 99 
Get admittance to the complete client base is enjoying Life 
Can combine buyers and sellers 
Create An Ad Campaign 
Offline and Online support 
No Commission Payment coming from the user

For Clients :
Free Registration 
MultiCurrency Wallet 
Currency purchase upon the Crypto Application 
Secure payments with 
Internal Chatter 
Payment having a QR Code 
Already now greater than 150 business partners all over the planet joining us, due to the simple using our platform is that the key towards the success from the business and it is development.

Each Participant in the platform Enjoy Life may be a client (by using the discount and bonus systems ) in addition to a business partner (drawn to its business customers ). We expect the amount of B2B segment representation will derive from 8 thousand participants in 2018. 32 thousand participants inside the year 2020.

The rewards of Enjoy Life :

1. Its simple to use Enjoy life this could be as solution when being in development or right solution.
2. Low cost in a cost in a transaction either in sales activity as well as purchasing activity.
3. Efficient amount of in time the usage of which we‘ll save additional time which suggests we tend to make use of your time for other needs
4. Security along with privacy is maintained in each and every transaction activity, meaning we will certainly be protected for each transaction activity, from various transactions.
5. Increase the quantity of profit for users that have contributed well
6. Enhance the interaction using the community well.

Using the quality of Enjoy life starting from the usage of payment system with people or various people, with good system and likewise good method, marketing system and likewise good marketing, and likewise provide many good opportunities for investors, this proves that Enjoy life provides Solutions along with convenience.

Activities Crowdsale Enjoy Life :
Preico activities will certainly be held on 01 November 2017 At 12 : 00 UTC +2 
Preico activities will end on 15 November 2017 at 12 : 00 UTC + 2 
The Token price is 0, 5 $ 
For any minimum purchase is 200 $ 
The purchase bonus can get 50% / 0. 5 tokens per purchase 
Total tokens are 1 milion 
Ico’s activities will certainly be held on 01 December 2017 At 12 : 00 UTC +2 
Ico’s activities will end on 15 January 2018 At 12 : 00 UTC +2 
The token price is 0. 5 $ 
For any minimum purchase is 50 $

Bonus on ico activity :
First 3 days 20% 
3 second day 15% 
3 third day 10% 
3 days to four 5%

Total tokens are 9 milions
2% from the tokens on sale are for Bounty 
7% of tokens sold are for team development 
unsold token will certainly be burned


If you are interested to join this project you can visit one of the links below:

WEBSITE : http://ico.enjoy-life.world/en
WHITEPAPER : http://ico.enjoy-life.world/Enjoy%20Life_WP_eng.pdf
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/enjoylifeapp/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/enjoy_life_app
INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/enjoy_life_app/
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/EnjLife


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