CV Template for Creatives

The order is up to you. Be sure to order them in a way that plays to your strengths.

Name, postal address (optional), phone number, email address, and website.

Make it clear and easy to reach you

Place of Birth

Including this makes you more relatable.

Birth Year


Be sure to include the school, focus, and graduation year. If you are currently in school, list the expected graduation year. Include any honors you received.

Professional Experience

This section should highlight any teaching, public — speaking engagements, curatorial projects, and related work experience. Use this category to list any lectures you have given and/or radio and television appearances.


List the most recent exhibitions/performances first. Include the year, exhibition/performance title, name of sponsor (gallery, museum or organization), city and state. In addition, list the name of the curator and whether it was an invitational or jurried show. If you won an award, mention it in the “Awards and Honors” category below.


List projects or works for which you have been commissioned, including the name of the project or medium, the sponsor, and the date.


List the names of institutions that have purchased your work, as well as corporations and well-known collectors. If you haven’t been ‘collected’ by any of the above, omit the category.


List all publications in which you/your work has been mentioned or reviewed and any articles that you have written related to art. Include the name of the author, article title, name of publication, and publication date. If you have been published in an exhibition catalog, include the name of the exhibition and the sponsor.

Awards and honors

Include grants or fellowships you have received. List any prizes or awards you have won in exhibitions or competitions. Include artist-in residence programs or any other programs that involved a selection process. If you won an award that was associated with an exhibition, repeat the same information that was listed in the ‘exhibitions/performances’ category, but begin with the award.