B. One branchless banking service at your fingertips.

I remember signing up for the service provided by Clydesdale last year shortly after the service went live. Here’s my point of view (From a student perspective that is…)

As a student I am always looking for some sort of new service to try. Just can’t help it to be fair. But last year whilst casually browsing like I normally do, reading crazy articles on The Lad Bible and so forth I noticed an advert on the side of my screen. I gazed at it for a few seconds. “Do I dare click it?” I muttered to myself. It would be a shame not to so I took the gamble and had a peak.

A rather intriguing homepage presents itself before me. Quite unique in my opinion. After reading about it, and due to being an avid smartphone user as well I decide to get stuck in and sign up. The process was more straightforward than I thought. It’s all completed and verified online which is much better for me. After all the checks were made my account was open and already ready to go (that was quick!). I put “my two cents” (50p) in there to begin (That’s a sign of student struggles…).

A few days later… My lovely new card arrives and other bits and pieces so I can get stuck in and start using it (Yaaay!!)

What’s good about B?

  • My card (A MasterCard debit card) is contactless. Great start as for me entering my PIN is a bit of a pain at times. PLUS… Sainsbury’s now has contactless (About blooming time!).
  • As a B customer you get 2 accounts. A current account, and a savings account. Great if you want to have a little for everyday spending and the rest put away for a rainy day.
  • It’s easy to manage your account through the B app on iPhone and even the iPad. “Win Win” really :).
  • Need support? You’ve got options! You can phone the team at B or phone Clydesdale Bank Customer Services directly. Your choice. All the individuals I have spoken to have been really good!
  • Low balance text alerts (which I get very, very, VERY often…).
  • When you pay for something using your card, 90% of the time (more like 95% of the time) the transaction is there for you to see, so you know it’s come out of your account.
  • Payments that don’t match your usual spending habits are flagged for security. That’s a nice touch. Done that a few times in the past. Phoned up, everything was all good and I could carry on as normal after that. I went shopping at Argos for an early Christmas present for myself (long story).
  • Being an iPhone user, my favourite part was when Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank (CYBG) rolled out Apple Pay! I was very impressed with this in particular. I even expressed my happiness to them:
Yay! Happy Happy Happy :D
  • …so now I can comfortably using my B debit card without using my B debit card (get it?)…
  • They recently enabled online statements within the app. Very good as I have had paper statements in the past and they can clutter the place a little. :/
  • Whenever I don’t want to use the app, I use the Online Banking service and you can even use the Telephone Banking service as well!

What improvements would I like Clydesdale to make?

Firstly to straighten things out a little, I’ve been onto the App Store and seen so many give poor user ratings. I don’t have anything bad to say about B. Normally I am quite critical and cautious on what I sign up for but by far this is one service I intend on keeping for the long run. There are only a few things that I would ask them to possibly improve on.

First up, the app. I feel the app is really good on both the iPad and iPhone when I use them, and that they introduced some features like the Savings Pots which were only available on the iPad version to the iPhone version.

  • The app sometimes takes a little while to load up or has issues present (crashes/bugs/etc.). This hasn’t happened to be very often but it can be a pain. This is something they may want to look in.
  • Although a passcode is required I feel it would be better to add additional security such as Touch ID. If some Android phones are capable of using fingers to open things up they should embed it there too. (So make it universal on iPhone and Android versions).
  • Although I like the current layout, I would say maybe redesign it a tad bit to save confusion for others. I’m not trying to be a fuss pot or anything.

That’s about it really. I don’t have any complaints about the service because I find it’s really good. If I was to rate it out of 5 I would honestly give it the full 5 hands down. I hope you had a good time reading through all this lovely text I call my point of view :). Would I urge people to give it a try? I would, absolutely. Trying to convince my Mum to swap now :)

I was inspired by another blogger, @NataliePonders on Twitter about her review on the service. Do take a read :)

Update: Clydesdale has made a few changes in the background to the app apparently so fingers crossed the app begins to work better.

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Until the next time, cheerio.

Myles (Mouse).