Sounding 101: Your Guide To Urethral Sounding & Best Sounding Kits

Daniel Traveris
Jan 16 · 11 min read

Are you ready for a completely new way to pleasure yourself?

Urethral sounding is not for the faint-hearted…

In fact, the appeal comes from the fact that it’s too extreme for most guys.

But done safely sounding is the most direct way to reach the prostate and moving sound through the urethra feels extremely nice once you get used to it!

The other side-benefits to sounding are:

  • get access to a completely new kind of pleasure!
  • improves erections and girth
  • perfect foreplay toys for those into kink
  • a faster way to get to prostate orgasm without time-consuming prostate milking from the back-end
  • can help prevent surgery — for example, if you enlarge urethra and you have difficulty with kidney stones you could get them out through urethra without extensive surgery!

In this guide, you’ll get your perfect introduction to sounding — whether you are a total beginner or just looking to take it up a notch and find the proper sound for yourself.

After you’re done the reading you’ll know why people do it, how to do it and will even have a community to turn to for support and inspiration.

Here’s how this guide is organized:

  • What Is Sounding & Why Men Do It?
  • How To Do Sounding Safely?
  • What Are The Best Penis Plugs, Sounding Rods, and Kits?
  • Other People Best Tips & Experiences With Sounding

Let’s jump in:

What Is Sounding & Why Men do it?

The reason why men do sounding is that there are tons of nerve endings on the top of the head and in urethra itself giving intense pleasure with the right tools

Mostly men explore this kind of play since they have a lot longer urethra (especially if you’ve got a long penis), and it’s safer for them to do it compared to women.

Also, the urethra has direct access to the prostate, while through prostate milking you’re only pressing the external P-spot, which is not direct stimulation.

Finally, there is a big psychological thrill that some men find exciting. It’s taking the word taboo (like anal play for men) to a whole new level.

Does Sounding Feel Good?

When all is done right, this comment describes the best how sounding feels like:

“I’ve only recently started out with sounding but the only way I can describe it is like you’re being touched inside in a way which you will never have experienced before…

…which you can’t experience any other way and which feels totally unnatural but also strangely good.

It’s like you’re being touched way down deep, from INSIDE the very core of the parts that make your orgasm happen.

The sensations from those parts are coming at the wrong time in the arousal cycle so the stimulation feels intense but…out of place.

It’s like you’re feeling a sensation that you SHOULDN’T be able to enjoy but you do and you can’t help wanting just a LITTLE bit more.”

Source: BigMikeUK

Here is a very helpful video explaining the urethral sounding fetish (why what and how):

Note: if you want to get a sperm stopper with urethral sounds ball displayed in the video…here is the bad-boy.

How To Do Sounding Safely?

It will take time and patience.

More time than with anal play even.

  • It will require special rods: either stainless steel, titanium or silicone.
  • It will require a special surgical lube.
  • It will take careful care about hygiene.

Once you’ve got the tools and everything is clean here’s how you do it:

First of all, you gotta get the right sounding rod that’s not too big, not too small for you.

Getting the right size and taking your time are two of the most important things to keep it safe.

Usually, the best beginner rod is a silicone penis plug (I’ll cover them later).

Here are the steps:

  • clean your hands, penis, the penis plug or rod.
  • apply tons of special surgical lube to your penis head opening and the plug.
  • start with a half-erect penis, hold your penis in one hand to open the urethra. Place the plug at the entrance.
  • Take your time, if it’s a steel rod, let the gravity do the job and the rod will slowly insert itself. Don’t risk forcing it.
  • When the rod stops moving inside, wiggle it a little bit to see if it goes then.
  • Don’t force it. If it doesn’t keep going in, take it out, apply more lube or pick different size rod.
  • It will take a while to find the right angle, the right size and get your urethra stretched to accommodate bigger rods.
  • Once it’s in a bit, you can start experimenting moving it up and down to feel the pleasurable sensations on those nerve endings.

The goal for most men is to actually get in deep enough to directly stimulate the prostate.

That’s why you’ll notice that longer rods are in shape. 🏒

There’s even term for it: prostatic urethra (check Wikipedia for more explanation and visuals).

That’s what you’re in the end trying to reach to get ultimate stimulation.

However, it’s also pretty dangerous, especially if you’re new.

This is just an introductory guide and you’ll probably just stay at the straight entrance part and move the rod up/down there to gain the insane pleasure.

Here’s a good comment on safety from one sounding practitioner:

“As someone who’s done it for over 8 years.

I can safely tell you that unless you actually go around the J curve or enter your bladder it’s totally fine.

I do neither of those since it can damage things quickly.”

Source: ShySkinnyGuy

What Are The Best Penis Plugs, Sounding Rods, and Kits?

I’ll collected the highest reviewed and recommended sounding kits and urethra dilators all in one place. I spent over 60 hours in research, forums, testing, reading other customer reviews and sex toy expert reviews.

After reviewing over 46 urethral sounding kits, here’s the best of the best:

Disclosure: This site is reader supported. Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. In no way and shape it affects my judgement — there’s no way to weasel your way on this guide.

⚠️ Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty and chances are high you’ll get counterfeit product that is lower quality and from possibly toxic materials (especially dangerous with sounding where safety is crucial!).
Instead buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

Hegar 8 Urethral Dilator Sounding Kit — Author’s Pick 🌟

This is a great set of 8 sounding rods made from chrome-plated brass.

And since each end is a bit different size you get essentially 16 size choices from 3mm to 18mm.

It’s actually recommended to get something like this than just one urethral dilator because you might not guess the size right.

Also, it’s sometimes better to go with a bigger dilator instead of a smaller one if your urethra is bigger.

This is the same stuff doctors use.

Hegar sounds are lighter than Pratt and people worry that inside is hollow (no easy way to check)… which is why pros choose more expensive Pratt sounds that have great quality and weight.

Pratt Urethral Sounding Kit ( Most popular between pros)

This is another popular sounding kit with 8-pieces that range in diameter from 0.17" to 0.75".

Each sound is 12" long and made from stainless steel. It’s also chrome plated, slick and shiny.

Since the sounds are heavy, it helps with getting them in — gravity does the job for you.

But of course, it comes with a price.

Don’t get these as a newbie, once you know you like sounding a lot…this will be the ultimate upgrade.

There are two styles you can choose from Rosebud (buds at the ends) and Pratt.

Comes together with a sexy black case with a red “velvet” lining.

ElectraStim Urethra Probe (For Pros)

If you want to take the sounding to the next level, you might want to try how it feels to have gentle electro stimulation in your urethra.

It’s made from 316 stainless steel, a high quality piece, but quite expensive.

Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set (3 Pieces) — (Budget Option)

If you want to dip your toes with something gentler, silicone urethral sounds are body-safe and very affordable (these are in 30–40$ range).

Only note is that silicone sounds will require you to push it in more, gravity won’t do the work like with stainless steel options.

(IMPORTANT!) Surgilube Surgical Lube For Urethral Sounding ($9.70)

You must get a specialized lube for your urethra if you want to avoid infections.

Please don’t skip it.

Also, be very cautious around hygiene and cleaning the sounds after using thoroughly every time.

Other People Best Tips & Experiences With Sounding

Now I tried to collect most people common questions and found the best answers to them.

Hope these stories and tips help you in your sounding process:

“Sounding is pleasurable. “

“The penis becomes more sensitive with the sound in the urethra.

Some use long sounds that reach the prostate and stimulate it.”

Source: gfri63

“Urethral sounding is a bit out of the norm but it is pleasurable. “

“The idea of it being taboo is what turned me on about it.

I haven’t progressed into anything bigger but I have a rouge plug not too big or too small.

Taking small insertions instead of fully inserting is more pleasurable in my opinion.

It may sound weird but watching it go in is equal in pleasurable.”

Source: juicesnippy

“What’s the best lubricant for sounding?”

“Ignore the coconut oil suggestion for sounding.

It’s a sure way to get a UTI (urinary tract infection) — which, as a man, are nasty as fuck.

Surgical lube or sterile ultrasound lube for sounding.

Extremely cheap and safe (10$ per liter) if you order from a medical supply website.

Optilube, Surgilube, any kind of sterile surgical lube is fine.

Optilube you can buy a hundred satchels for around 10 euros.

Do not use any home items for sounding. Never. Ever.”

Source: Kishmeth

“Sounding Experience”

“I’ve done it and if done right it feels quite good.

Surgical steel sounds (aka “urethral dilator”) are typically what you would use.

I’d advise a great deal of caution and research before you try something like this..

How does it feel?

The best way to describe it is it transfers the sensation of stroking into your urethra.

Have you ever had an itch in your urethra and felt pleasure when you rubbed it?

Also, when you pee and have a nice strong stream there is a pleasant sensation especially if you gently pinch or squeeze the bottom of your penis.

That’s one aspect.

The other is the sound that is inserted deep puts pressure on the base of your penis and likely jabbing a bit into the prostate.

If you press a finger or two hard into the base of your cock between the shaft and the balls while masturbating you get a small sample of what it kind of feels like.

As the sound shifts around when you masturbate, it can be quite intense.

Finally, during orgasm, there’s a pressure build-up behind the sound that draws out and intensifies the actual orgasm.

Allowing that pressure to build up and slowly push the sound out is both an intense sensation as well as visually stimulating, watching your cum launch the sound out. :)

Again, I’m only providing a description of why it’s appealing but it needs to be layered with caution.

It is not for the faint of heart or someone not willing to do the research.

Does it hurt?

No, it should never hurt.

You should use plenty of lube and gradually allow the sound to sink in with just gravity.

Some people actually use larger and larger sounds to make the urethra larger in diameter.

This can cause some pain and soreness but it is more extreme than you need to take it.

Why is it safe to do this?

Well, there is always some risk. The main risk is an infection.

That can be mitigated by sterilizing and making sure your lube is sterile.

Individually packaged single-use surgical lube is what I’d recommend.

Bottled lubed can contain preservatives and could cultivate bacteria.

Another, less likely, the risk is perforation which is usually caused by using sound that is too small/thin/narrow.

It’s actually safer to use the largest diameter sound that will fit comfortably.”

Source: mindblowingo

“Does it hurt afterward when urinating? In general, how does sounding feel?”

“At first urinating afterward did burn a bit, but as I’ve done it more, it burns much less.

It’s gotten to the point now where it only burns for a second or two the first time I pee after sounding.

Then it’s fine.

As far as in general, it feels amazing!

One of my favorite things to do is insert it all the way and then slowly rotate the bit that sticks out at the end.

The sensations deep inside as the whole sound rotates are indescribable.”

Source: ekt55625

Bringing It All Together

Finally, if you’re looking for a like-minded community with nice videos, photos of how it actually looks like, check Sounding SubReddit.

You can easily message some of the members and I’m sure they will be more than happy to help further with the advice.

And…if this was too much, try prostate milking first!

Happy sounding!

Stay safe and enjoy! 🍷

Daniel Traveris

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