The Peace of Night

In life, there are moments where we come to a crossroads. When we pick choices that will come to define the rest of our paths for the rest of our lives.

And much like the criminals of old, or the generals of legend, once we jump, there will be no turning back.

Will we know what’s to come? Will we be able to turn back the clock? Will we know if they will come for us? Will we find deliverance, or will we find captivity?

Once, I had a brother in arms, a mentor for life, a very powerful man, with very powerful friends. I was young, fresh, and determined. It soon came to pass that our mutual arrangement was not so mutual afterall, and I had to pick a side.

I chose, and the entire arrangement collapsed under the weight of betrayal and pain. A crossroads, a burning of all routes of possibility from that point forwards.

Another time, I had a devil come in the guise of an angel. I made him look like a fool in front of his…superiors. Another path, razed to the ground.

And now, I am yet again faced with another scenario. This time, however, I will be severing my ties to my past, my future, and my safety. Will I prove to be right? Or will I end up a glorious mistake, created in foolish counsel?

What do I truly know about anything? How much more do I have yet left to learn? Will I be able to survive in the new world without this qualification? Will I have made the judgement in fear, and in stubborn duress?

I’ve fought so hard for this, for years. Decades. Deep down I always knew what I was destined for. I always knew under what conditions I would be able to thrive. Or at least I thought I knew.

Would my quest for focus, purity and clarity be proven right? Would I have made a mistake that I would regret for the rest of my life? Or is this the start of something to remember?

The answer feels like it’s blowing in the wind.

And I am the leaf, ripping in the centre of a brewing storm.

Will I be up to task? Would I be able to ride the tide? Is it truly a new future that’s coming to pass?

Remember what the people said, when it’s said and done, let it go-

and once we’ve let it go, we should take the leap and never ever look back.