We’ve Started a Podcast!

New Beginnings

It’s funny how you’ll be friends with someone awhile, talk about work and life and trade industry tips but never actually work together until…


You know that moment… the conversation you’re having about one thing that goes into another thing and then suddenly you’re like

Hey! I’ve always wanted to do a podcast too! We should do one together!

And suddenly your casual texts back and forth on how to navigate the grueling entertainment/visual media industry become the content for a platform of communication to a wider audience.

The Origin Story

Mike and I met like many people these days meet… on social media. Passively stalking/opening appreciating each other’s work, we finally met

*drumroll please*


nearly 3 years after our Internet communication began.

Here’s a photo Mike took of me on our first meeting. We were on a New York City photo walk. I’m not sure what I was trying to convey here…

‘The Mariko’ by Michael Wells Jr

And here’s my photo of a New York City lamp that I shot about 100 times from 20 different angle.

‘The New York City Lamp’ by Mariko Lochridge

No, no this is not an e-harmony story… this is the beginning for an e-startup adventure that launches from our podcast.

Please Subscribe

Link is here!

The Free Agents Podcast is now available on iTunes :)

Mike’s brilliant description of the project.

A podcast by minorities in the freelance and entertainment game for minorities in the freelance and the entertainment game, We know how you feel. Let’s talk about it. Every week you’ll either hear Mariko and Mike talk about how they navigate “the biz” and life. Some weeks we’ll feature working artists and other cool guests to kick it with us.

Sometimes it’s ‘Mike and Mariko’, other times it’s ‘Mariko and Mike’ — just like in kindergarten when everyone gets a turn at line leader we like to share headliner spot light ;)

We’re really, really excited to start this project and share it with you. So please take a listen, subscribe to our podcast, follow us on Medium and let us know what you’re up to.

We look forward to hearing your stories!


Mariko (and Mike who approved this post to have his name on it)