#014: On people who put their seats back all the way especially right at the beginning

You know what really grinds my gears? When people put their seat back on a train or plane before we’ve even taken off. Are you really that exhausted getting there that you need to be fully horizontal the moment you sit down? If you are really that tired maybe you shouldn’t be traveling.

Or maybe you just want to check out what the inside of my nose looks like….or maybe you are just really proud of your new scented shampoo.

But most likely you are just an asshat who feels the need to claim as much space as possible at all times.

Even halfway through the flight you shouldn’t be putting your seat back at all. It takes a certain amount of I don’t give a fuck about the person behind me to go forward with something like that. We all there’s barely an inch to spare between my knees and the seat in front of you and for you to go ahead and encroach on that space- well you are just an asshole. Just leave it upright and if you want to sleep, do it like the rest of . Sitting completely upright. I say we make it a group decision. We either all go back or we all stay up.

But as of now- we are rewarding psychopaths and people without consideration for those around them. Clearly people cannot handle this kind of freedom.

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