Why Politics Matters
Jonathan Taplin

Ironically enough, I’m one of those Millennials that was born at the front end of the generation, one of the ones that is generally considered an outlier within the Millennial generation. I don’t necessarily fit the Millennial mold, but I’m too young to be a Gen X-er. And so is my wife. And so are pretty much all of my friends.

The thing about that fact is that I believe that is the one thing that facilitates such a complacency in people like me. We don’t feel we belong.

We talk to other “Millennials”, pure-bloods, if you will, and they talk about progressive notions of Freedom and Equality and Tolerance that we definitely agree with, but our “left out” feeling makes us feel a little more cynical about those ideas becoming a reality.

We talk to our parents, who are undoubtedly Boomers such as yourself, and we see the wisdom in their concepts of democracy and fiscal self-control, but we feel that your generation had its fair share of bull-shit politics and failures too, so how can we simply agree?

We are stuck in between. I mean, hell, even the Gen X-ers have a place. They’re full-on “fuck you” mode to the Boomers and the establishment and authority. They’re in “I’m in it for me” mode. We can’t even get that much of an identity.

And that, based on my life, my friends’ lives, and our collective experiences, is why we are so cynical and politically disengaged. Our biggest problem is, though, that we know we need to get our asses in gear! We know that we need to make a change. We just have seen other generations either: A) fail in their own way, so why would we just repeat that; B) not give a shit and do nothing themselves, at least in regards to bettering the political landscape; and C) be so day-dreamingly idealist that it’s all flower power and acceptance in speech but that generation is tearing itself apart faster than anyone has before…

So what do I do? The irony is that I’m currently reading V for Vendetta and I can’t help but be reminded of what’s going on in our country today, right now. Eventually, I think we’re just going to get so pissed off that all hell is going to break loose and our country is in for a huge, long, bumpy ride sorting it all out. At that point, I guess I won’t necessarily be figuring out “what to do”, I’ll just be doing it.

Time will tell.

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