It’s been a long, dark 6 months.

It always happens to me, every year. Same time. February comes and I inexplicably fall into a sort of depressed funk. I coast through my hours, days, weeks barely alive let alone alert. I eat more than I should. I Don want to do anything around the house. I mean anything. It’s not a particularly depressing time of year, I mean it’s Spring time for God’s sake. Weather is warming up. Life-giving rains bring everything back to life. Little by little there are extra minutes of sunlight each day.

But still. I find myself in a funk. In a hole that I can’t climb out of. I’m missing something in my life. The weekends don’t boast the same appeal they did a few months ago.

Well now, every year, as Summer gives way to Fall I’m reminded of why.

It’s football season.

As September approaches every year I get more and more giddy over the impending season of that emotional roller coaster of Crack we call football. American football. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch soccer, or fútbol.

But this. This is a totally different drug. This stuff gets in your veins and grabs hold of you.

This stuff is destructive. This stuff ruins friendships. It ends relationships. It breaks hearts. It shatters dreams. It shatters knees. It’s the most wonderful thing on this planet…

It’s football season baby!

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