Loft — Creative home design evolution

Loft is a popular style in home interior and décor. In spite of a fine line and a big difference between styles, Loft is a mix of minimalism, industrialism, urbanism and modernity. It’s a good choice for country houses, large studio apartments, and commercial spaces such as showrooms, workshops etc.

Use different mixes of colors, shapes and styles when creating Loft interior. Neutral color palette, unfinished walls, brickwork would look great with modern surfaces, chromed details and fashionable furniture.

One of the most important things in loft interior is an open space with no any dividers, screens and walls. Loft is a special style of interior, which is not suitable for small and tight spaces. Originally redesigned from industrial and manufacturing spaces such as factories or storehouses, loft interior is characterized by open floor plans and lots of free and usable space.

The concept of redesigning old factories and manufacturing areas originates in the USA of the forties. Today Loft is a synonymous of light, air and open space in interior. Modern loft is a combination of retro elements such as old stairs, pipes, and technologies.

Use different furniture arrangements to visually zone and divide space in loft interior. The use of room dividers will break the atmosphere of loft and turn your home into a standard apartment. Loft space is a large space with large furniture that creates a feeling of comfort and coziness for living.

A big window without curtains is another characteristic element of loft interior. Large windows will bring more light and air into the interior. It’s very important thing in true loft styled living space.

Loft is not suitable for small spaces. The style requires furniture, which is not limited in size. Modern and Mid-Century styled furniture is a good choice to accent your interior and visually divide space. Large low-profile platform bed with tall headboard is a good start of creating “bedroom” in your loft interior.

Architectural inspired table with solid tabletop will become a great solution for both dining and home office areas. To create a cozy lounge area, use simple stationary or movable occasional tables and plush sofas & sectionals. Choose different color palettes to visually divide living space from dining and bedroom.

Boardwalk is an ideal and the only floor solution that makes the loft interior look inviting and cozy. Designed especially for standard apartments with rooms, such flooring as parquetry and tile is not recommended for the loft interior.

Loft interior is a good base for creating living space, studio, workshop or showroom at the same time. With the specific design, loft interior is a good choice for creative persons. To complete the overall look of your living space and express your creativity and love of art and things related to art, use decorative elements such as paintings, wall art pieces, mirrors that go well with the overall color palette (brown, grey and white are the main colors of the interior).