Ask What We Will Be

Join us as we explore the different possibilities of the future

John F. Kennedy famously asked what you can do.

We, The Future Society, think that you should also ask what we will be.


Converging technologies (nanotech, biotech, IT and cognitive sciences) advance with exponential pace and change fundamentally the way we live — more rapidly and substantially as ever before in history.

Technology poses great challenges but also huge opportunities. A field, we believe, where policy makers can and should make a difference.

We are the fastest growing student-run organization at Harvard Kennedy School this year and have broad academic rear cover: Joseph Nye, Jim Waldo, Sheila Jasanoff, Ronald Heifetz, Mathias Risse, David Keith and others have joined our board of faculty advisors. Our guest speakers have included Max Levchin, Chris Camillo and Cass Sunstein

We are looking for energized people who are keen on joining our cause. To learn more visit our website at

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