Wearable tech - The new revolution in the tech world

The introduction of wearable tech devices have changed the world rapidly in the last few years. These wearable devices can perform different functions, they are reliable and can perform different functions at different times. From smart watches, to wearable VR headsets and Fitness watches, there are so many options to consider. Though, these wearable devices may cost more than ordinary devices, but when you consider the benefits you will derive from them you will agree to the fact that they are worth investing in.

Hot wearable tech devices you should consider right now

The Dell Visor Wearable VR Headset - This is one tech device you should consider right now, though it can work independently, it can also work compatibly with hand-controlled devices and it is priced reasonably for average user to ensure that everyone enjoys its benefits. This device produces a 1440 x 1400 liquid crystal display that will stun you and also produce a 360 degree Panorama display.

The Dell Visor Wearable VR Headset

The Fitbit Ionic Fitness Watch - This is another device you should consider buying right now, this device will secure completely to your wrist without causing any discomfort, and likewise, it provides everything you need, especially for the reading of the numbers. Despite its affordable price, this feature is very rich, it comes an excellent in-built storage, and allows you to upload your playlist, as well as in-built sensors that helps you track your fitness results.

Other wearable devices worth considering

The Bodytrak Wearable Smart Censor - This is another tech device worth considering. This device is packed with vital sensors and it is so small that it can rest in your ear in order to track your movements. It comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ which connects and communicate with your smartphone hence your information will be safely stored and transferred in one place- this device can also be integrated with your social media profiles for information sharing.

The Bodytrak Wearable Smart Censor

The AYO - This is another tech device which is designed for those having trouble sleeping. The device helps you sleep better and faster. It enhances the body rhythm, thus inducing sleep easily. It is worn in a form of headset and rests just above your eyes; hence you can use it while you are in the airplane or in a train.


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