Blaseball is Taking an Extended Siesta

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Blaseball began as a small side project that we decided would be fun to share. We’ve been overjoyed — and honestly overwhelmed — to watch it explode the way it has. We LOVE this community — from the fan art to the wiki, to the team chants, rituals and personalities that sprang forth. This is way, way bigger than we expected. Your creativity continues to fuel and inspire us.

BLASEBALL WILL BE BACK. We plan to bring you more exciting action every week. But to do that, we need some time to fix bugs, add some features, make the machines bigger, and breathe. Our team is exhausted and overworked. We need a little time to recoup so Blaseball can come back stronger than ever.

But we will be back. The Peanut demands it. It’s not finished with you yet.

We really appreciate your patience. We’re expanding the team right now so we can be ready to relaunch, hopefully in a week or two. Follow us on Discord and Twitter to stay in the loop as we prepare for Blaseball’s return.

And a very special thank you goes out to everyone who has supported us on Patreon. For those that can donate, any help goes a long way. Blaseball was created and self-published by a very small team, and it’s going to be independence that keeps Blaseball’s spirit alive.

Thank you again, Blaseball fans. We will see you very soon.

We can’t wait to see what you create next.

The Game Band

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Making games that reflect the world we live in. Our first title Where Cards Fall is available now. We apparently made Blaseball but don’t remember doing it.

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