GCC Group bringing 3D printing technology to one of worlds fastest growing markets.

In December 2017 GCC Group CEO Jan. M. Pasboel visited Vietnam to promote 3D printing. It was a successful visit including meetings with high level Government officials from the aviation industry who were keen to gain more insight into the rapidly developing technology of 3D printing. GCC Group offered to provide some education and demonstration of 3D printers.

Mr Pasboel also conducted a number of presentations to potential customers of 3D printers and managed to gain sizeable orders for desktop 3D printers mainly for proto-typing. This is truly remarkable considering that Vietnam is a rapidly developing market where 3D printing is still considered as a new and expensive technology.

GCC Group is proud to contribute to the growth of this rapidly developing market and is committed to promoting 3D printing as part of a wider campaign to bring manufacturing back to communities.

As additional support to realise this ambitious goal in April 2017 the GCC Group team launched the decentralised digital currency “Global Crypto Currency” (GCC). The GCC is already fully integrated into our main platform for promoting 3D printing (3Dprintpoints.com) and many other web shops as a merchant system. The goal is to combine these two revolutionary technologies, namely Blockchain and 3D printing, in a format which is accessible and usable for people all over the globe. The GCC is already available as a payment means in a growing number of other business entities around the world.

The initial concept of GCC Group started in 2009 and was formalised as a company in 2013. GCC Group is a marketing organization promoting 3D Printing through direct marketing and a variety of web platforms in over 118 countries worldwide. GCC Group headquarter is in the EU in Poland.