Masternodes are around the corner, Twitter contest ahead — win a masternode!

GCC masternodes are taking real shape. Right now, our team is readying the wallet and making important testing of the code, as well as security audits, which takes time. As we said before, the release of the wallet might be delayed, so we want to apologize for this inconvenience — but trust us, we are doing everything we can to finish it as soon as possible.

We will release the wallet when it’s ready, and it’s really close now, so we thought that there is no need for announcement dates — it’s not a hard fork after all. Before the wallet sees the light of day, let us take down the curtains and have a look at some of its technical specification. First, however, we want to inform you that ROI from holding a masternode and a Twitter contest will be revealed this week, so stay tuned!

Our Twitter contest winner will be granted a masternode (which is 1 million GCC)! Spread the word wherever you can, we hope it’s going to be really loud!

Back to specs. We are doing a blockchain migration to a new code base as we found that blockchain wipe is the best solution for us to avoid hardfork. At the moment, we are working on base codes from Dash v12.3 + PIVX 12.0 and also TheGCCcoin(2011). The solution we found best is to implement PIVX PoS and TheGCCcoin algorithm and block speed to Dash core, but instead of PoW consensus we will offer MN + PoS.

Some in-house wallet testing here, don’t miss to appear on masternode list!:)

How it works for users?

What users will need to do is just download our new wallet and launch it on the same device they run the current chain on.

We want to ensure longevity of our project and attract early investors and satisfy them, which is why we decided to implement decreasing distribution of block rewards — this favors early investing. Unlike many other projects we now decided to focus mainly on rewarding masternodes, whereas stakers will receive a small percentage of the block reward, which is opposite to our current system. We are grateful for your patience and support you are giving us!

We would also like to thank for your participation and sharing of your ideas in the “GCC MN Promo Ideas” survey, especially rickschlimback, cacato86, Patrick, doyalikebass (we will inbox you shortly) and others who took part in this!

We hope you are satisfied with this update and will be happy with the new masternode wallet. Exciting time ahead!

And last but not least, you may have noticed that our platform GCC Spot has recently hit 5000 registrations. The free testing period is about to end, so we hope we will get some more users onboard!