The Geekly Digest: Issue #2

Welcome back to this weeks issue of The Geekly Digest. This week we will be looking Bioluminescent Lighting, computer Editing Modules for creators, animated Pixel Art, and more…

LUME Bioluminescence Light

Okay so this LUME Light isn’t technically bio-luminescent but the pot is designed to make the plants inside look that way. What’s more this works with an app that helps you care for your plant.

Artist’s Memorial to his Grandfather

This is a beautiful thing: artist Lee John Phillips decided to memorialise his grandfather by drawing ever single item in his grandfathers beloved shed. Apparently this will take a few years to complete but what an incredible document he’ll be left with.

AI Self-Improvement

This is a really interesting interview with Robert Miles about the potential of Artificial Intelligence making self-improvements.

Beautiful Animated Pixel Art

This Tumblr has some of the most beautifully crafted animated pixel art I have ever seen…

The History of Aspect Ratios

Fimmaker IQ is a great resource for filmmakers and one of my favourite videos they’ve made is this one on the history of Aspect Ratios…yeah I know it sounds boring but it’s really interesting! I’m a 2.20 kind of guy.

Palette Editing Modules

If you work with editing software like Adobe’s Photoshop or Premiere then you might be interested in Palette’s system of modules that provide more tactile control for making your edits. It’s definitely on my dream list of creative tools!

Aaron James Draplin

One of my favourite graphic designers and probably my favourite talker is Aaron James Draplin. This is a funny and inspiring talk…

That’s it for this Issue! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for Issue #3 next Monday. Have a good week!