Those That Inspire: Day 5 with Kathleen and Catie

Opening Ceremony at the 2017 Bali Wave of Love Retreat

In March of 2017, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia to attend Kathleen and Catie’s Wave of Love retreat. At this point, I had yet to actually meet these two beautiful people, but I was confident that this was the right place for me to be. I had been dreaming of going to Bali for some time, and their retreat gave me the perfect excuse to get on an airplane bound for that magical island in south east Asia.

I found out about this retreat through an acroyoga friend I had met just 6 months before during a jam in Washington Square Park, NYC. I tell people that acroyoga has changed my life in multiple ways and meeting Becca and going to this retreat in Bali was definitely one of them. Becca is Kathleen’s sister and after she told me about the retreat, I definitely had no hesitation about signing up.

From the moment I met Kathleen and Catie, I could tell they were both very passionate about making sure this retreat, this experience, in Bali was special for everyone present. We spent the next 6 or so days, waking up, doing yoga, exploring the island, hiking to waterfalls, dancing, learning, teaching acroyoga, and just enjoying each others company; as you can see below (yes I was the only guy at this retreat lol).

Dancing our worries away

The location they choose for the retreat was super special as well, it was called Bali Floating Leaf Resort and the staff was fantastic. Each day they would cook us the most amazing Balinese food, I even took a cooking class at the resort one day. I actually I think that was one of the most special parts of the retreat, interacting and learning from the staff who were all local Balinese people. We learned about their culture, we taught them acroyoga, and we became lifelong friends. The people on this island are truly special, I hope everyone gets to visit someday.

Bali Floating Leaf Resort
Each night we had delicious Balinese food
Hiking to the waterfall with rice fields in the background
Teaching the staff acroyoga

There are just too many amazing photos to share to capture the magic of this week in Bali, but it would not have been the same without Kathleen and Catie. It is a different story, but this retreat was the start of many other awesome experiences in my life, including the launch of my company. Definitely recommend that you attend one of their future retreats and meet these awesome people, you won’t regret it. Or go hang out with them in Boston at their yoga studio, The Moon and the Mat. Namaste.