October Power Horoscropes

Our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath has crafted some insightful horoscopes for us this month. Shawna is a teacher and counselor with a decade of experience empowering women to transform their lives with Astrology and mediation. She’s been published in the Huffington Post and shares videos on herYouTube channel for weekly inspiration.


This month brings revolution.

In October, you’ll have opportunities to clearly see the injustices that fire up fury in your belly. In a word, October brings justice.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
- Gloria Steinem

The Sun is in Libra, which is about justice, equality, harmony and beauty. While in Libra, the Sun will create a t-square (call for resolution) with Uranus (revolution), Mars (bravery) and Pluto (transformation). This dynamic combination asks you to unearth unconscious behavior for healing and justice.

The New Moon in Libra on September 30th, Full Moon in Aries on October 16th and New Moon in Scorpio on October 30th highlight the high and low tides of this revolutionary energy wave.

Basically, October is about connecting with your personal revolution. What is the injustice you feel in your heart and see affecting others in your community? October supports you to discover and act upon these issues. Have an amazing month! Xoxo


Happy Birthday Libra! This month brings massive amounts of fresh energy to all areas of your life. With the New Moon on September 30th in your sign and conjunct Jupiter (luck + expansion), you have opportunities to expand your soul’s mission. Take advantage of this energy by investing in yourself this month.

October Power Mantra: I’m betting on myself


Passionate Scorpio, this month you’re blessed by the planet Venus (love, beauty + money) wafting through your sign. Venus enhances your attraction abilities. This is the best month of the year to to magnetically pull people, situations and income into your life with ease. Decide what you want to attract this month and enjoy the ride.

October Power Mantra: What I desire also desires me


Authentic Sagittarius, October brings you clarity and movement. With a summer of contemplation in the past, you can move forward to put the appropriate structures into place to support your new vision. Still, there’s no need to rush. Focus on diligent steps forward, one at a time. In October, you’ll understand the meaning of any major issues this past summer.

October Power Mantra: I didn’t come this far to only come this far


Determined Capricorn, this month you’re connecting with your personal power in a new way. Mars (bravery) meets with Pluto (unearthing hidden potential) in your sign. This is quite the combo! Notice intense feelings and where they lead you. This month, you’ll discover that you’re stronger than you realized.

October Power Mantra: I am the heat of the fire and the power of the storm


Independent Aquarius, this month you’re putting the pieces back together. There may have been much internal chaos this summer. In October, you’ll have time to see things clearly and to make adjustments as necessary. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You already have all the resources you need.

October Power Mantra: I listen to the best and leave the rest


Imaginative Pisces, October you can absorb all the strange and amazing insights that were revealed in September. What did you learn about yourself last month? What patterns became clear? Investigate the themes that came up. Be compassionate with yourself this month for how far you’ve come.

October Power Mantra: I am beautiful right now, inside and out


Brave Aries, this month is sure to be full of fire! With a Full Moon (culmination) in your sign on October 15th, whatever you’ve been working on may feel like it’s ready to burst out of your heart. There’s potential for a few surprises too. Keep your eyes open for interesting possibilities.

October Power Mantra: I’ve got fire in my eyes and luck on my side


Dedicated Taurus, your ruling planet Venus (love, money, sex) moves through your sister sign Scorpio this month. This brings complexity in your life. You may reevaluate how you make money and how you make love. Embrace the beauty in your life this month and remember that what you seek isn’t as far away as you think.

October Power Mantra: I’m worthy of all the beauty in the world


Curious Gemini, this month you’re finding balance. With your ruling planet Mercury now out of Retrograde (review) and moving through Libra (balance), you can move forward with an extra bit of grace and ease. Take note of any blocks or delays that came up in September and shift your focus as necessary. Use this month to cultivate harmony and ease.

October Power Mantra: I am calm, balanced and clear


Nurturing Cancer, this month you’re birthing something from your heart into the world for all to see. It may be messy, beautiful and unpredictable. That’s all good! Don’t by shy to share this month. This is the month to put things out on the line. Focus on progress not perfection. Things will evolve as you go.

October Power Mantra: Progress brings clarity


Enthusiastic Leo, this month focus on all the good you have coming your way. The universe is supporting you with your new ventures through the end of the year. But you have to start now. Notice what you love and do a bit of that each day. The little chances you take now will grow beautifully in the coming months.

October Power Mantra: I’m the creative force in action


Generous Virgo, this month take a deep breath and look at all the magic in your life. The Solar Eclipse in your sign in September brought much needed change. Even the most insignificant occurrence may grow into something grand. Follow your intuitive senses this month. They’ll lead you to something very important.

October Power Mantra: My heart knows what my mind does not

Written with ❤ by our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath.