September Power Horoscopes

Our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath has crafted some insightful horoscopes for us this month. Shawna is a teacher and counselor with a decade of experience empowering women to transform their lives with Astrology and mediation. She’s been published in the Huffington Post and shares videos on her YouTube channel for weekly inspiration.


This month is all about healing, cleansing and renewal! ❤

September is charged with opportunities to release old patterns that are blocking your connection to your spirit. Subtle and progressive shifts can happen in an instant this month.

This boost of energy comes from the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st and Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th. The cool thing about eclipses is that they act as psychological reset buttons. These are powerful days to create dramatic change.

Also, with the Sun in Virgo and Mercury being Retrograde until September 21st, there’s a vibe of healing, cleansing and renewal. Virgo loves self-improvement. It’s a great month to focus on what you’d like to improve upon. Mercury Retrograde isn’t a good time to enter into major agreements but it’s a lovely time to heal and cleanse.

Basically, September is all about becoming the best version of yourself. It’s a never ending journey and takes diligence but every once in a while, you get a boost — this is that month!


Happy Birthday Virgo! This month brings new beginnings and fresh energy to your soul. With a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your sign, it’s time to realign, clear, cleanse and open for the new. Focus on what you want to create in your life this coming year. Your manifesting power is strong!

September Power Mantra: I’m renewing my soul + my vision


Gorgeous Libra, this month is definitely about cleansing and releasing for you. But there’s also an element of love, luck and beautiful gifts. With both Jupiter (luck) and Venus (love, sex and money) moving into your sign this month, it’s gonna be a good one! Take advantage of this energy by nourishing your divine feminine nature. Invite the Goddess energy into your life.

September Power Mantra: I invite the Goddess


Smoldering Scorpio, this month you may feel lighter and more focused than you have all year long. In September you’re breaking free from psychological restrictions. Focus on places where you feel restricted and get curious about the belief systems that tie you down. Free you mind and you free your soul.

September Power Mantra: Limitations are only in my mind


Fun loving Sagittarius, you’ve got some major determination power this month. With Saturn and Mars both moving quickly now through your sign, there’s much to fight for (Mars) with dedication toward the exploration of truth (Saturn). September brings you fierce energy that’s powerfully determined.

September Power Mantra: Determination brings power


Powerful Capricorn, September brings you comfort and returns your power. With your ruling planet Saturn finally direct and gaining speed after slowing down all summer long, you may finally feel a sense of movement in areas where there was stuck-ness. Continue to hold space for yourself and what you’re creating.

September Power Mantra: Even miracles take a little time


Unconventional Aquarius, this month there’s a release of energy in your heart. It’s like an exhale, a breath of fresh air. There’s something to be said for the release that comes after settling down. This month for you is about settling and feeling into the magical moment of exhale.

September Power Mantra: Inhale the future, exhale the past


Gentle Pisces, this month is extra special for you. With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign, you’re releasing old patterns. Especially those circumstances where you’ve become a victim. This month can be used to release old demons that suck your power away. Empower yourself by remembering how strong, wise and powerful you really are.

September Power Mantra: Don’t lose your presence to your past


Fierce Aries, the sizzle of the summer is shaking off and you’re ready to roll again. With your ruling planet Mars completely out of Retrograde and full force in Sagittarius, you’re on a mission of truth! This is an extension of last months’ themes which came up around your self-expression. In September, connect with what’s most true to you and fight for it!

September Power Mantra: Fearless pursuit of truth sets my heart on fire


Serene Taurus, this month your ruling planet Venus moves from Virgo (self analysis) to Libra (connection, feminine power and justice). You may discover a deeper sense of your feminine nature or enjoyment of the beauty around you — hopefully both! This is so harmonious for your true nature, take advantage of it. In September, you’re best served embracing beauty and seeking justice.

September Power Mantra: Justice is beautiful


Curious Gemini, this month friction and resistance are empowering themes. If you can find a way to use this energy, you’ll come out on top! In September don’t get frazzled, get focused. Focus on what’s really important and define your boundaries. Hold your standards high but don’t get distracted by seemingly harsh holdbacks.

September Power Mantra: I seek comfort within the uncomfortable


Sweet Cancer, there’s something new in your life growing and gestating. Feel into the vibe of growth this month. Whatever you’ve been nurturing this summer will be take form in September. Actively flesh out ideas and stay curious. This month has high momentum vibes and high manifesting mojo for you.

September Power Mantra: Deep roots create beautiful flowers


Lovable Leo, this month you’re still riding the good vibes of the New Moon in your sign from last month. September is about taking action from insights you had in August. Especially insights around your self-expression and commitment to authenticity. Whatever is emerging from your heart requests continued dignity, loyalty and care.

September Power Mantra: I slay all day

Written with ❤ by our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath.

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