Imagine growing up in an environment where asking questions is seen as dumb, an environment where working as a team is seen as a waste of time.

Bro why should I join that team I can do this on my own — 844guys

An environment where not doing your projects yourself and instead hiring a person to do it for you is seen as the in thing, bragging how lazy you are and the shortcuts you took, where cramming is seen as a brilliant thing, where if someone gives me feed back i take it personally like “dude mind your own business”

That is 844 folks, the system i grew up in.

So i join boot camp and i get overwhelmed by everything i thought i knew. Turns out not working as a team means you are not allowed here, “you are not part of what we represent” — trainer.

Around Andela they practice something called DE-844. Take all the bad habits you learn’t from 844 and leave them at the gate or even better get rid of that totally.

I know right “Are you kidding me”

Take for example recently. We had a objectives to achieve daily. What would an 844 me do. Well i would just relax, cram a couple of stuffs and copy paste answers, and yeah that’s it am done.

So with the change of environment i had to organize myself, research on what am working on, understand it, ask my team questions, contribute what i know to any discussion, ask for feedback from my fellows and most of all apply what i have learn’t.

I mean this may all be new to me but if this is how DE-844 feels, i love this. Why, how didn’t i know about this before.???

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