Front-end or client-side is the practice of producing html, css and javascript for a website. HTML and CSS are markup and styling languages.

So what do they stand for HTML — hypertext markup languge, CSS- cascading style sheets. Is that really what they stand for??

Now i cannot confirm nor deny the above information but lately…

#girlfriend {
existence: none;

HTML and CSS are straight forward. Meaning you can easily understand both easily. My biggest challenge was to clone a particular website using only html and css. This is how you learn anyway, I decided to clone the instagram login page.

Now that may seem hard and you are right, trust me it was challenging trying to figure out what is being used. So i decided to use the biggest tool used by developers GOOGLE.

I had to figure out how to place columns, play around with inputs and forms until they were perfectly placed. Figure out which colors users may enjoy, rgba to hex. In the end

.gitahi ninja{
visibility: hidden;
color: rgba(BADA55);

i know the front-end gods think am getting ahead of myself but

please give me a <br/> - unknown

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