Could Tracking Tweets Be the Next Big Thing For Your Biz?

The Tweets of the Triad!

We’re big fans of visuals.

Lately, the Good Citizens have been experimenting with Twitter’s API to see what visual opportunities are out there for our clients. On a whim, we designed a program to map the Triad’s tweets to see what something like that might look like.

While this is a rough concept and by no means polished for a client, the applications of tweet tracking are clear (and limitless). As long as the tweets are posted with location data, they can be integrated into the program. This enables to you visually analyze your audience or user base.

But mapping is a small part of what a program like this is capable of. How can you use this real-time data?

Let’s say your client is Daily Grind, a coffee roaster. We can:

  • Find out who is tweeting about Daily Grind, and from where
  • Track keywords locally to determine where Daily Grind’s next franchise location should be
  • Create a live social wall for Daily Grind’s annual coffee festival and international roaster conference

Ideas for your client or business? Contact the Good Citizens and we’ll get right on it!