Why Younger Men Want To Date Older Women

Previously, society fairly criticized younger men hooking up older women, because historically, in most heterosexual couples, the husband has been older than the wife.

But nowadays, people seem more open, and things like age difference play a less important role in love. As surprising as it sounds, many men say they fall in love with older women.

So is it normal to be attracted to “cougar” women? Here are some reasons put forward by their young suitors and admirers!

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How To Date Girls On Bumble: Get More Discussions

In this article, I will tell you all you must know to date girls on the Bumble app! If you are looking for high-quality singles, Bumble is the right online dating service out there for picking up girls.

It is also one of the greatest dating apps which are known for a high rate of right swipe and matches, but it is not a marketplace for hookups.

Fake Tinder Profiles: How To Spot Bots And Scams

There are many fake profiles on dating apps like Tinder that rob users’ money. Indeed, bots aren’t just at work on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Tinder app makes dating quick and easy. When looking for the next flirt, the focus is on the profile picture. It influences the app users’ decisions by 90 percent. When there is a match, then contact is made, the two can chat and maybe exchange phone numbers.

Thus, I will tell you how to recognize a fake Tinder profile and know if this is a fraudulent match.

The full article is available on: https://thegooddating.com/fake-tinder-profiles-how-to-spot-bots-and-scams/

How To Flirt With Girls In Clubs: Post-Pandemic Guide

Today, I give you an ultimate post-pandemic guide to master the nightlife and flirt with girls in clubs. Whether you want to find the woman of your life or you just want to conquer.

That idea occurred to me during the pandemic when I was watching a DJ Livestream performance with my girlfriend. I told her I had a self-fulfilling prophecy that clubbing wasn’t over.

I’ve remembered all my club flirting techniques and how I killed myself mastering the night game (or the art of evening flirting).

And I got it right. After months on ice, the pandemic is almost over! Nightclubs have reopened!

The full article is here: https://thegooddating.com/how-to-flirt-with-girls-in-clubs/

How To Overcome Your Shyness With Girls

Guys! It’s okay to be shy with girls, you know, but what’s terrible is that shy men don’t overcome their shyness.

So today, you will learn three things:

- How to identify the problem preventing you from taking action.

- Learn the three essential elements for a successful approaching.

- Discover nine exercises to take action (and learn to flirt with girls).

If you’re a shy guy who doesn’t know how to overcome your shyness with girls, then this article is for you.

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