As Simon Sinek says, every organization on the planet knows WHAT they do. They have all the information about the product and services they sell.

Some organizations know now HOW they do it. The things that make them special or set them apart from their competition.

Very few of them actually know WHY the heck they do what they do. The purpose, cause or belief, is the very reason of why an organization exists.

Now, when it comes to getting this clarity internally, believing it and making every team member aligned to the belief, organizations need a lot of brainstorming.

Raising investment for your startup can be a hell of a task. Many startups fail just because they could raise enough money quickly to survive or grow.

Now, your fundraiser should not be treated any different from finding customers for your product/service.

The first step is to have a killer pitch.

The main goal of your investment pitch deck should be to get an in-person meeting with investors.

Professional investors, such as venture capitalists and serious angel investors, do not have long attention spans.

So, when you land an in-person meeting with an investor, you must be able to present…

On 22nd August was my birthday (so wish me on my next birthday) and I am excited about it though I am ageing (and I am a woman).

Warm wishes, gifts and cakes, are the things that make my birthday an extra happy event (so please give me loads of them). And then comes special wishes on social media and LinkedIn where the story is different altogether.

Yes, yes… I am coming to the point just let me build up some base scenario. Sorry, I am a little bit dramatic and till now you might have established that.

So, what…

Business owners often talk about how can they speed up their business growth as well as maximise profits.

But often they fail to implement strategies that can rocket their sales and deliver sustainable growth.

We are going to talk about a Hollywood movie that generated a 4133X ROI from a $60K guerrilla marketing campaign.

Let’s first analyse why most businesses cannot grow fast, reducing the chances to survive and thrive in the long run.

Let’s dive deep into these reasons one by one.

Many companies struggle to produce enough high-quality leads that shortens their sales cycles. …

Competitive Analysis — as stated in the Business Dictionary, “ Competitive analysis seeks to identify weaknesses and strengths that a company’s competitors may have, and then use that information to improve marketing efforts within the company.”

Competitive analysis can be of various types and can extensively be used by any and all types of industries. Be it — finance or medical industry, you need Competitive analysis to stay in the market, have a double-digit growth rate and become the most favourite amongst your target audience.

You might have heard of Inbound marketing. And if you are marketing savvy you might have even heard of Guerrilla Marketing. But what is this new term you need to know about? Well following is the story of how my team — me, Jagsir and Rahul came up with this term — Inbound Guerilla Marketing.

On our usual work routine, Jagsir and I were at the office, discussing how one of Jagsir’s friend opened a venture named DogMyCats and how his wife did an amazing artwork in their various stores.

Jagsir: I am in love with this.(a gentle soul as…

Have you ever felt it’s difficult to explain the value of your idea, product or invention? Does it frustrate you when people don’t understand what you say? Do you feel that selling is the hardest part in creating your business?

Let me tell you Jack’s story.

Just like most of us, Jack had big dreams. He had spent all his life doing things for others. He wanted to do something different now and create value for others. Everyday he woke up feeling close to creating something that would transform people’s lives.

One day, while he was dreaming about being lost…

I know you are leading a great startup and must have been busy the whole week, all through day and night, building your empire! Your business model, value proposition and your product/service, everything is sorted out and you are ready to sell. This is when the major challenge comes, SELLING!

So I thought I should write something to help you figure out challenges that most startups around you are facing and some of the ways that are working best for them.

Here are some key challenges that you might face in order to scale fast -

1) You don’t get…

Hey Fellas, here we are going to tell you about a newly discovered fruit in marketing as the name suggests, micro-moments marketing and yeah it is as delightful as the moments chocolate bar.

The moments when the thoughts of “I want-to-know”, “I want-to-do,” “I want-to-go,” and “I want-to-buy” arise an urgency of satisfaction that individuals seek is automatically created. Because of this, people want immediate gratification, and they are making decisions faster than ever before. Google introduced them as ‘micro-moments’ in 2015.

This behavioral change has been created and sanctioned by the growing use of smartphones. Whether smartphone users are…

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