4 ways To tell — And what to do about it

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My first job out of college was brutal.

One week after graduation, I started working at a local environmental education nonprofit. After spending four years studying the environment at Berkeley, it was my dream to inspire high school students to follow a similar path and become environmental changemakers.

The few couple of months weren’t stimulating, but I was excited. This was my first real-world job and I couldn’t tell if the discomfort was stemming from my job or the transition period after graduation.

It wasn’t until 6 months into…

Welcome to the second edition of The Good Worker

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Welcome to the second edition of The Good Worker! Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.

The Good Worker is a weekly column for entry-level job advice. From navigating your relationship with your supervisor to making friends at work to managing work-life balance in this Zoom-centric world, The Good Worker is a resource for it all.

The advice is geared towards those in that awkward career stage starting in college and ending around your mid-20s. …

Tip: It helps to authentically love what you post about

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Last week my vegan foodie Instagram turned one. Happy birthday @brieatsplants!

I started the account a few months after I graduated from college as a way to keep track of all the delicious vegan restaurants in the Bay Area. It was a passion project that gave me an excuse to try new restaurants with friends, and hopefully get a free meal in exchange for a post every once in a while.

After a month or two of posting, I became curious about social media growth. I started reading articles on…

Animal Advocacy

No, I don’t mean getting a second dog

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Every morning, I wake up to a rambunctious ball of energy.

She goes by many names in our household: Monsterra, Peanut Butter, Peeboo.

Phoebe is a five month old Australian Cattle Dog who joined our family towards the beginning of shelter in place. And boy, does she have energy in the morning.

Welcome to The Good Worker

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Well, it’s official. I’ve scoured the internet for entry-level job advice and yet again, I’ve been disappointed by the endless ocean of non-relatable content.

Am I the only one suffering here?

I always say that entry-level jobs remind me of fraternity hazing. Companies know you’re vulnerable. You want to say you’re working for the hottest startup/consulting company/creative agency your city has to offer. You want to get paid.

So they make you work for it.

Some people are lucky enough to score legit, salaried, full-benefited positions out of college. …

Here’s how I handled it and moved forward with my day

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I knew I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

When I went downstairs for my daily cup of coffee, my Grandma greeted me with a smile and her classic, accent-rich morning line, “Good morning Brianna. How did you sleep?”

My blonde, unbrushed hair was a rat’s nest and my unmoisturized face hosted dry, dark bags under my eyes. To be frank, I looked like shit. And my appearance reflected how I was feeling.

“Good morning Grand-ma,” I playfully mimicked her Hungarian accent. “You know when you wake up exhausted? …

How visiting my pre-pandemic life revitalized my sense of self

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Last week, I drove 6 hours from Southern California to San Francisco.

This trip had been in the works for months. As soon as I left the city in March when the pandemic began, I had friends wanting me to return. But I was genuinely afraid to come back.

Not because of catching COVID. San Francisco’s strikingly low case numbers relative to other California counties (fewer than 8,000 reported cases since the pandemic began) prove that the mix of tech work from home privilege, aggressive shelter in place adoption, and…

And 3 other mindsets to embrace a consistent exercise routine

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Getting fit is an upwards battle. You’re working against your existing habits, diet, and genetics to better yourself.

Not every day of your fitness journey is going to be butterflies and rainbows. Some days you’ll want to make excuses for yourself, push back your workout, or even just skip it altogether.

Realistically, not every day will be the best workout you’ve ever had — and that’s completely okay.

Ultimately, pursuing an active lifestyle is about consistency. You’ll see the best results if you find a workout routine you love and do it every day.

Here are some good words to…

Eyes on Kanye are increasing stigma around bipolar disorder

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I first learned about Kayne’s episode through work.

One of my agency’s PR clients recently signed a big deal with Kanye, skyrocketing their stock and garnering dozens of pages of media clicks on Google News. It was a really exciting buzz that would take the brand in a completely new, modern direction.

All was fine and dandy until Kanye announced his bill for the presidency. My team’s Slack channel buzzed with news clips from his announcement.

At first, I didn’t take it seriously. Kanye West for president? This isn’t unlike other publicity stints he has played in the past. I…

Four reminders for why you should take a day off when you need to

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I had a rough Wednesday. My day was jam-packed with reporting, endless meetings, and diving headfirst into a media list. Just another pressure-cooker day in the life of a public relations professional. On top of it all, my wifi decided to have a meltdown.

My family’s 13-year-old router was officially declared deceased as of June 8, 2020. Its life spanned longer than my childhood dog’s.

That router had gone to hell and back with my family. A divorce, a move, a grandparent’s death. We had truly been through it all together.

And it died on us. During a client call…

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22, SF. All over the place, but in a fun way. I write about my young adult shenanigans and moody brain at thegoodperson.co

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