Bike the future

Oh those Europeans.

They sure know urban living. Not a lot of tall buildings. Lots of public squares. And, of course, they’re all about that bike life.

With the goal of improving city life, and keeping cities cleaner and quieter, DHL Deutsche Post (the world’s largest operator of delivery services) believes it has found the best way to beat city traffic, reduce carbon emissions and keep its staff in tiptop shape.

Dubbed the “Cubicycle” (not sure ‘bout the name, but love the initiative), this hybrid electric-pedal cargo bike is grabbing more and more attention in major European cities. This initiative set out to solve the logistical problems associated with the “last mile” of delivery — industry lingo for the distance between the dispatch center and your door.

The good news is, not only is this full Euro, 4-wheel mode of transportation a great success, it’s actually part of a waaaay bigger picture.

At the core of the company’s vision of the future is an initiative they’re calling GoGreen.

Inspired by the United Nations’ target of limiting global warming to +2° Celsius above pre-industrial times, DHL has the wonderfully green objective of reducing all transport-related emissions to zero by 2050.


That is pretty friggin’ ambitious.

We agree, mid-century might seem far off — fair — but DHL has a record of delivering ahead of time. It achieved its 2020 target (improving carbon efficiency by 30%) in 2016, a full 4 years ahead of schedule.

Expect a “fully green” package arriving at our door sooner than you think. (Just don’t hold your breath. Please.)

Here’s to hoping that more urban cities around the world embrace this greener approach to the “last-mile” 🚲

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