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photo source: techcrunch.com / March 2016

A few weeks ago (right in time for Valentine’s Day), we wrote a quick, little diddy on sustainable condoms. We had no choice, we had to.

Once we started learning more about what goes into the making of condoms, we had to share the news about fair trade rubber and the safer ‘hat solutions’ for a man’s Mini-Me.

We’ll guess what? As we dug deeper into the subject of products for reproductive systems, we discovered two women who asked the question: what’s in a tampon?

Here’s your answer.

No one really knows.

So Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman (a girlboss duo from NYC) decided to do something about it and founded LOLA in 2014. The company produces feminine care products made with little more than good old cotton — the organic kind.

Ugh, not the with the organic thing again?

Well, yes. Especially given that, (un)thanks to flexible regulations, big brands don’t have to disclose anything that goes into the making of a product that the average woman may use upwards of 10,000 times in her lifetime. A product made up of nasty things.

We won’t get into all the nitty gritty here, but know that most pads out there are loaded with plasticized chemicals (known to disrupt embryonic development), phthalates (responsible for dysregulating gene expression), dioxins (guilty of disrupting hormones and the immune system) and bleached with chlorine. Eww.

And to add fuel to the flame, the vagina happens to be one of the most absorbent parts of the female body. Hmmm. We’re pretty sure that it doesn’t take years of med school to figure out that this situation might be cause for concern.

We also did some math, and ya, we get it, there’s a lot of coin to be made from the all women on this planet. Imagine nearly 3 billion customers? Every month? All the time?

But to live healthier lives, we’ve got to look beyond profit at the expense of our bodies.

Fortunately, LOLA ain’t the only pad shop in town. There some great companies (like Natracare who’s been in the game since ’89) out there making good, safe feminine care products.

There’s real power in taking back control for what we do with our bodies. So ladies, vote with your $, and men, share what you’ve learnt with your lady-friends — including mom, sis and gf.

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